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Anonymous at Second Nature Wilderness and Chrysalis Boarding School (from

This testimony was given on the webpage Safe Teen School by a student whos name is withheld. All rights goes to the original author.

When I was thirteen, my mom sent me to Second Nature Entrada because I was struggling with the death of my dad and brother. I was grieving obviously and that was the issue but my mom went over the top and after kicking me out of my house, she sent me to wilderness March 11, 2011. I was not court ordered. I was escorted to Utah. I was there for three months until my mom came and took me to Chrysalis Boarding School.

The real story is of the boarding school.

I traveled with my mom to Montana. She got me from wilderness, we went to the base so I could shower, went to airport, flew, had dinner at next airport, flew, then arrived at 2 am and went and spent the next four hours in an inn. We got up at 6 because I had to be there by 7:30. It was the first week of June.

We arrived at Chrysalis and I was so scared. I was myself with everyone but it was awful. I was in Horse House, the house parents were the owners, Mary and Kenny. Kenny despised me. He had his favorite girls and he chooses new victims each year and I was one of those girls. I woke up everyday scared to death of what would happen. They didn't let you get enough sleep so I was always tired. I honestly felt like it was worse than wilderness. I saw my mom twice in the year I was there. When I did, I begged her to take me home. Kenny loved to go off on his victims in front of everyone.

Every Sunday night, we would have jumbo which was the whole campus and we would have a group therapy with everyone. This is when he loved to tell and exaggerate everyone's flaws or mistakes they made that week. It was bad because you could apologize for doing something wrong and he would still punish you. I hated Sundays, I spent everyday of the week dreading them. He would yell at you. Scream at you. Call you names. Bully you. Grab your arm with a lot of force. He made me hate my life and I honestly was trying to figure out how to escape.

While I was there, I saw eight girls who were doing so much better end up becoming so depressed because of him. Four girls had to be transported to higher level care facilities because he drove them insane. Honestly, I didn't like anything because it was hell. I got a contagious std from their facilities. A girl was paralyzed because she broke her leg. There were multiple times I was hurt and they didn't do anything about it. I also got a serious eye infection that they refused to take me to the doctor for until my eye was swollen shut. I was physically bullied by some of Kenny's favorite girls. Also, I had a roommate who was large and was on the top bunk. The bed was broken so when she slept on it, it collapsed on me.

My mom finally couldn't afford it anymore so she told them that she was pulling me. He was livid. When I found out I was so happy. I obviously told some girls and Kenny went off on me in front of everyone saying that I was not ready to go home and was so fucked up and he feels bad for my mom because she has to deal with me and that he wishes I go to hell and he even said that he doesn't feel bad that my dad and brother died. He told me that he would put me on verbal (where I couldn't talk at all) because I was leaving. He was so mean to me and other girls. I got home June 2nd 2012. When I got home, I was so happy. It was fine until a few months later when I had a panic attack because I had a flashback of when Kenny was abusing me. I still have nightmares now and then. I can't be around older men without feeling scared for my life. My mom and I have struggled but we are okay. I can't trust any male and am scarred from the maltreatment I received.


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  1. Say his full name: Kenny Pannell. That way, everyone who googles him will know what he said to you.


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