Sunday, January 10, 2016

Savannah at Unita Academy

This testimony was found on Yelp. All rights goes to the original author

I attended Uinta Academy in 08 and six years later let me just say it was by far the most negative experience of my life.

I felt like a prisoner. Not only is the staff run by brainwashing Mormans. Before I came to Uinta I was a confident and headstrong individual and when I left I stuggled and still do to this day with depression and anxiety. They over medicated me for things that I never struggled with to begin with I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with no reason. I am one of the most level headed and independent young woman that I know, so far away from being bi polar.

Uinta ripped me away from my family and friends. To this day it has put a strain on my relationship with my family. Because of uinta I will need have a high school experience, I have never had a prom or a happy rewarding high school graduation. Despite the cruel and brainwashing staff that caused me horrible anxiety and made me feel like everything I did was wrong and I was never good enough I was able to rebound from it. I had to have therapy for years after and fell into codependent controlling relationships and I completely blame Uinta.

How can you tell young girls there bad kids, yes I made my fair share of mistakes but I am not a bad person. Uinta broke me down and I had to completely rebuild my self-esteem. If there is anything I can say it is to please think twice before sending your daughter here. I went to a wilderness program as well and i was a much more benifical and positive experience. If anyone wants to personally contact me I will post my e mail below. I am doing this because I would have pleaded for someone to do this for me while I attended this program. I realize that some girls may benefit from programs like these but to others it can be a devastating experience.


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