Sunday, March 27, 2016

Testimony from Refuge of Grace Academy

Today the boarding school has been rebranded as Wings of Faith Academy but remains under the same management. The boarding school was founded in Michigan but moved to Missouri in order to avoid oversight.

I went to this boarding school for 19 1/2 months.

I got over 2 years since I got out and I still have nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats. I had been completely brainwashed and abused, I had no idea who I was, and I was totally and utterly miserable. Not once in my entire 19 1/2 months there did Debbie Martin, the owner and director of the boarding school, ask me how I was doing, what was on my mind, what I was struggling with, or just even had a decent conversation with me about the weather. She couldn't care less about me. She was all in for my mom's money.

They monitored our phone calls and letters so we couldn't inform our parents of the abuse we were going through, and she would lie to my mom and tell her I was rotten evil child. She did everything in her power to make me miserable. I hated life...


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