Sunday, April 17, 2016

Parent testimony about Refuge of Grace Academy

Today the boarding school has been rebranded as Wings of Faith Academy but remains under the same management. The boarding school was founded in Michigan but moved to Missouri in order to avoid oversight.

My daughter Jordan has been home for a year now, spent 4 monthes, came home, went back two.

At any given time there are only 18 to 20 girls there. In the last month there have been 9 girls she went in that brief time who are pregnant one who lives with us.

Friday child services in missouri called my home. Asking me if my daughter was abused physically. How do I answer that when I wasn't there but I know I have the medical bills from urinary tract infections she never had before there and not since she left. And besides my own daughter who had no accredited schooling I was lied to she would I have another girl who was there over two years who didnt get her education either.

I believed Bud and Debbie because I was a desperate parent who loved her child, like others. The fact is you will pay alot of money to people who lie to you play on your desperation and love for your child and all youll get is quiet at home while they are gone. And then they come home and its a bigger mess.


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