Sunday, June 14, 2015

Former student about Chrysalis boarding school

I am a former student of chrysalis, and I have to point out the unprofessional review from Kenny Pannel's sister, Vicki. Talking about being professional? You should try it. Chrysalis is not a licensed program, and I would not recommend this school to anyone for legitimate reasons:

I was sexually abused three months prior to my arrival at Chrysalis, in the beginning they allowed me to walk during morning work out. Obviously if you are walking the same distance other girls are running it is going to take 2-3 times longer (maybe even more with an injury such as mine) regardless, when the other girls finished their run he piled them up in the van, and drove to us, not to pick us up, but to tell us we would have to walk home from the ending point. This was my FIRST MORNING at Chrysalis, and I was already terrified. Kenny treats his poor AMAZING wife better than his dogs. It was so frustrating to watch especially since my reason for attending Chrysalis was for dysfunctional relationships. It obvious what Kenny is in it for, money. They have a private jet, many different homes, and have a bunch of different cars (that are unnecessary to have such as a camero)

Its so disappointing and frustrating to know they are spending the money they are getting paid FROM OUR PARENTS on useless "toys" for themselves rather than paying their staff a decent amount.

The therapists there are basically Kenny and Mary's minions, and when I realized this program was really terrible I requested to be moved to a program that would focus more on my immediate needs (such as my severe PTSD problems I was dealing with)
Before I ran from the program I was doing extremely destructive things to myself (purging, harming myself) and they were oblivious to it all. Once I got home I had no urge to cause harm upon my body what so ever. I believe it was because I felt so controlled there by people that were not in it for the right reasons. I wasnt even allowed to talk to my father about how I felt like I needed to be in a more intensive care unit. Also it is required to attend an episcapalian church every sunday unless you are jewish, which I did NOT agree with since I am a firm atheist.

Also for the first 2 weeks I was there, I was not assigned a therapist because a new one was going to be hired and come. I needed serious help/guidance with the PTSD symptoms I was going through and I didn't have that opportunity for 2 weeks.

Circle is another topic I would like to cover. Basically circle is a time for girls and Mary and Kenny to emotionally/verbally abuse other girls. I remember being pin pointed several times in circle being attacked by just about everyone for over 45 minutes. That is just not right, feedback is meant to be positive construction, not abuse. It tore my character down to nothing. I have never felt so unloved, neglected, unwanted, hurt, and especially lonely. It was nothing but one awful experience after the next.

Mary and Kenny also are BIG with picking favorites, if they don't like you, well then you can just forget about it. They never seemed to find time to get to know any of the girls they didn't like immediately, instead focus and give special treatment to the girls they do.

My injury with my hip is now pretty much permanent because of the forced running they made me do (regardless of the chronic sharp pain in my hip)
It has been over a year now since I've left and my PTSD has vanished, I needed my REAL loving parents.

Please parents, listen to what your daughter has to say, regardless of their past doings. They may have cried wolf too many times before, but this cry is serious


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