Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Video testimony about Academy of Ivy Ridge - Volume I

Academy at Ivy Ridge was founded in 2001. They used the curriculum invented by the WWASP organization. In 2005 they were forced to restructure because their high school diplomas was issued on a basis of a poor education quality. Melees among the students didn't improve anything. In 2009 they closed down without having contributed anything positive for the students who were forced to attend the school.

A former student visited deserted campus the former school. The building have been left empty for many years as its reputation in the local community has left it hard to sell. The suicide rate among former students who have passed through the WWASP curriculum is alarming high and rumors speak of the campuses widespread out over several states and countries as haunted places housing the lost souls of the teenagers abandoned by their families at the schools.

The student made a number of video testimonies. One can be seen below and other will be published in future blog-entries.

All rights to the videos go to the original author known as j0nas420


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  1. Narvin Litchfield runs Seneca Ranch a 'school' for troubled teens in SC. It is horrible that these WWASP people are still operating 'programs' for troubled youth in need of serious, safe places to receive help. Thank you for sharing your story and to all those who share their stories. Midwest Academy is also still open as far as I know.


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