Sunday, August 9, 2015

A sister about her siblings stay at Project PATCH

This testimony was found in a comment to an article in the magezine Craked. All rights goes the original author.

I know the name of the facility/cult. They go by Project PATCH. I know this because my sister suffered the abuse at that very facility. It is run by a Seventh Day Adventist group, and among the ranks are child abusers, including one man who was convicted of kidnapping and raping a kid there (one my sis made friends with at the time). His name was Ryan something, it's Google-able.

They stripped her of her clothing and gave her a sheet when she tried to run away. They made her work until her hands bled. She was chastised for weeping. The leader frequently had little girls sit on his lap and stared down the chests of the young teenage girls. Luckily, my mother figured out something was very wrong and pulled her out, but they fought. They fought to silence her, too. She has full blown PTSD and cries frequently. She thinks about it daily. The other torture victims she befriended included five girls, all of whom ended up in some form of prostitution and addicted to drugs.

My sister dissolved into tears reading this. I confess that I cried, too, but I also had some happy tears in there, because it's confirmation that we weren't crazy. My mother sometimes cries herself to sleep over the guilt of trying to do the right thing, and instead having inadvertently caused the daughter she loves so much so much pain and anguish. We've all been through therapy. And despite having a convicted child kidnapper and rapist on board, and being sued for everything they are worth, they still operate. It brings me to tears from time to time. The pain is so visible in my sibling's eyes. It kills me.

TL;DR---The place in the story is called Project PATCH, and my sister was a prisoner there for some months. Every allegation is true, if not somehow played down. A staff member raped a kid there and yet the place still stands.


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