Friday, November 28, 2014

George Lucarelli at Diamond Ranch Academy

i was a student at diamond ranch, and twords the end of my stay i really thoughti it was changing me and my family, little did i know they were houndign my parents about money and threatining to send me back home. i was also dusgusted to find that when i did get home about 1/3 of the letters i wrote in the 11 months i was there got sent back to my parents.

as a student you are forced to smile in every photograph taken of you, if not it wont go to yoru parents and you will receive a manipulation citation which in some cases could prevent you from advancing in the level program. i loved the therapy and alot of it was very helpful. the staff on the other had for the dorms was mereley just rick ( the owners son) football buddys, kids that may have been a year or two older than i was, i made friends with them we all got along and stuff but now that im out im realizing like holy crap these dudes would sit and blatantly talk to us about getting high or come to work high, a staff gave me his ipod to use, i had one give me sleeping pills like it was cool but as far as for parents looking into sending kids there its just nor a productive place to be.

the idea of forcing kids to change does not work in the long run , yes they will seem fine but its only because if they disobey then some giant football playing dick is going to jam his finger in your pressure point or you will be outside cleaning up horse shit. i was sent to another program that legitmately helped me out and id say DRA IS A NO GO

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