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Hi, my name is ..... and I attended Horizon Academy, if anyone has any questions about it I will be happy to answer them!

Question: we'd love to hear what it was like and your experiences there. we've never had anyone on here who went to horizon. is it true jade robinson runs it?

Yeah, Jade runs it. Him and his wife Cassie. I think out of all the schools Horizon had it the easiest, or from what I hear of. I thought that I had it hard but until thease last few days I have been reading up on everything, and I am thankful for my time at Horizon being so easy, I was never restrained or touched but the emotional scars play a big part in my life now.

It was in death valley, super hot during the day but freezing at night.

When I first got there I was like the 17th girl or something like that, so it was pretty new.

Alot of scandelous stuff went on between the staff and students which I'm not sure if i'm supposed to talk about so let me know if I am.

We were always told that Casa By the Sea was shut down because some of the staff that worked there were not allowed or something like that. Little did I know it was because child abuse was occuring.

The girls there never believed that Tranquility bay existed we thought that they were just trying to scare us until one day a student came to our school, he was only 13 (I went through Discovery with him) he had been at tranquility bay for a while but they thought that it was to hard on him, but after a while be got sent back to Jamicia.

Thoes are some of the things that I can think of right now, If were to ask me questions I think that it would be easier.

If you want to talk about scandolous things, please leave names out of it and maybe speak in general terms (like, "some staff sometimes did this with some students"). we don't want to get sued or anything. so what were the conditions like at horizon? how was the food, how was the school? did any students ever get restrained or anything?

Food was discusting, the first five days I was there I droped almost 10 pounds. then after that I slowly went from about 115 to 140 in six months, they day I got home I walked into my closet and tried on all my clothes, nothing fit, and I mean nothing, I had to throw EVERYTHING away. I was discusted with myself, but since I have been home I have lost some of my "Program Weight" I weigh about 125-130. and I'm happy with they way my body looks. for once.

But yeah food was nasty, it was weird because we were ALWAYS hungry, but we gained weight, (we all used to joke about how they injected it with fat or something) so one day I was fed up with being miserbly hungry all the time so I wrote home and I told my parents that I don't get enough to eat and so Mr.Jade let us have seconds on salad, with no dressing.

I know one girl came to the program and she refused to eat for about 6 days, and ate absoulety nothing, on the seventh day she dissapeared and a few weeks later we heard she got sent to jamaica. personaly I dont think that someone should be punished that harshely for not eating.

well school work was horrible, everything you did by your self on the computer, and if you needed help you would get on this loooooooooooooong waiting list to get help and when your name was called a few days later, you were already over the problem or the help that you did get wasnt enough or didnt make sence. I got barely any school done when I was there, when I came home I skipped high school and jumped right into my community college, thats what I am doing right now.

so about the scandelous stuff. there was alot going on and even more now from what I hear of. when I was there a few girls made run plans, and it was that one of the girls would have sex with one of the male staff members, claim she was raped and get pulled, them something about getting the other girls out, they got caught before it happened, but the weird thing was the staff member was going along with it (he didn't know the second part of the plan though) never got fired, he stayed working there, I was always scared of him from that point on. it discusses me.

there was also this one incident that proved to me how rediciouls our medical help was. a girl got sent to horizon about a month before I did, she always complanied about her back hurting and would puke occasionally, one day during p.e. she froze and was screaming in pain, she got took to the nurse and the nurse said that it was a sist popped, a few weeks later everything got worse, and she ended up being 6 months pregnet. I felt so bad for her having to go through more than half of her pregnecy in a program.

with the staff restraining students, I never witnessed it nor was I ever put in that situation. so I couldn't say. I think that it is just a matter of time though. I think that every program is a matter of time until bad stuff starts happening, than it gets shut down, than the just open a new one, its like a never ending cycle.


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