Sunday, November 6, 2016

dbs at Sorenson's Ranch School

This testimony was found on Topix. All rights goes to the original author known as dbs

I am a former student of Sorenson's Ranch School and current teacher. As a human and a teacher, I would urge parents to seek other options for your child.

In full disclosure I will specify that I attended this school in the early 90's. In most cases, I would be inclined to believe that a bad situation could be corrected in 20 years. However, in the case of this school, I am reluctant to imagine much change for two reasons.
  1. The culture of wrongdoing by staff was so pervasive, and
  2. The school exists in a town where everyone is blood relation and they all work at the school.

The fact that their Facebook page seems to be a place for happy feedback of students does not convince me either. The omissions and whitewashing of information to parents was honed to an art form even at the time that I attended. I can only imagine that their skills at hiding any negative feedback about the program have only increased over the years. Bottom line - if you just want to treat your child like a problem and pay someone else to deal with it, send them to Sorenson's today.

If you care about your child's future, look into other options. PLEASE.

The facility started as a summer camp called Koos Kamp back in 1959. It moved into the Troubled Teen Industry due to the money in the early 1980's.

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