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Interview with Orangebelpeper (from:

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Hi, my name is ..... and I attended Horizon Academy, if anyone has any questions about it I will be happy to answer them!

Question: we'd love to hear what it was like and your experiences there. we've never had anyone on here who went to horizon. is it true jade robinson runs it?

Yeah, Jade runs it. Him and his wife Cassie. I think out of all the schools Horizon had it the easiest, or from what I hear of. I thought that I had it hard but until thease last few days I have been reading up on everything, and I am thankful for my time at Horizon being so easy, I was never restrained or touched but the emotional scars play a big part in my life now.

It was in death valley, super hot during the day but freezing at night.

When I first got there I was like the 17th girl or something like that, so it was pretty new.

Alot of scandelous stuff went on between the staff and students which I'm not sure if i'm supposed to talk about so let me know if I am.

We were always told that Casa By the Sea was shut down because some of the staff that worked there were not allowed or something like that. Little did I know it was because child abuse was occuring.

The girls there never believed that Tranquility bay existed we thought that they were just trying to scare us until one day a student came to our school, he was only 13 (I went through Discovery with him) he had been at tranquility bay for a while but they thought that it was to hard on him, but after a while be got sent back to Jamicia.

Thoes are some of the things that I can think of right now, If were to ask me questions I think that it would be easier.

If you want to talk about scandolous things, please leave names out of it and maybe speak in general terms (like, "some staff sometimes did this with some students"). we don't want to get sued or anything. so what were the conditions like at horizon? how was the food, how was the school? did any students ever get restrained or anything?

Food was discusting, the first five days I was there I droped almost 10 pounds. then after that I slowly went from about 115 to 140 in six months, they day I got home I walked into my closet and tried on all my clothes, nothing fit, and I mean nothing, I had to throw EVERYTHING away. I was discusted with myself, but since I have been home I have lost some of my "Program Weight" I weigh about 125-130. and I'm happy with they way my body looks. for once.

But yeah food was nasty, it was weird because we were ALWAYS hungry, but we gained weight, (we all used to joke about how they injected it with fat or something) so one day I was fed up with being miserbly hungry all the time so I wrote home and I told my parents that I don't get enough to eat and so Mr.Jade let us have seconds on salad, with no dressing.

I know one girl came to the program and she refused to eat for about 6 days, and ate absoulety nothing, on the seventh day she dissapeared and a few weeks later we heard she got sent to jamaica. personaly I dont think that someone should be punished that harshely for not eating.

well school work was horrible, everything you did by your self on the computer, and if you needed help you would get on this loooooooooooooong waiting list to get help and when your name was called a few days later, you were already over the problem or the help that you did get wasnt enough or didnt make sence. I got barely any school done when I was there, when I came home I skipped high school and jumped right into my community college, thats what I am doing right now.

so about the scandelous stuff. there was alot going on and even more now from what I hear of. when I was there a few girls made run plans, and it was that one of the girls would have sex with one of the male staff members, claim she was raped and get pulled, them something about getting the other girls out, they got caught before it happened, but the weird thing was the staff member was going along with it (he didn't know the second part of the plan though) never got fired, he stayed working there, I was always scared of him from that point on. it discusses me.

there was also this one incident that proved to me how rediciouls our medical help was. a girl got sent to horizon about a month before I did, she always complanied about her back hurting and would puke occasionally, one day during p.e. she froze and was screaming in pain, she got took to the nurse and the nurse said that it was a sist popped, a few weeks later everything got worse, and she ended up being 6 months pregnet. I felt so bad for her having to go through more than half of her pregnecy in a program.

with the staff restraining students, I never witnessed it nor was I ever put in that situation. so I couldn't say. I think that it is just a matter of time though. I think that every program is a matter of time until bad stuff starts happening, than it gets shut down, than the just open a new one, its like a never ending cycle.


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George Lucarelli at Diamond Ranch Academy

i was a student at diamond ranch, and twords the end of my stay i really thoughti it was changing me and my family, little did i know they were houndign my parents about money and threatining to send me back home. i was also dusgusted to find that when i did get home about 1/3 of the letters i wrote in the 11 months i was there got sent back to my parents.

as a student you are forced to smile in every photograph taken of you, if not it wont go to yoru parents and you will receive a manipulation citation which in some cases could prevent you from advancing in the level program. i loved the therapy and alot of it was very helpful. the staff on the other had for the dorms was mereley just rick ( the owners son) football buddys, kids that may have been a year or two older than i was, i made friends with them we all got along and stuff but now that im out im realizing like holy crap these dudes would sit and blatantly talk to us about getting high or come to work high, a staff gave me his ipod to use, i had one give me sleeping pills like it was cool but as far as for parents looking into sending kids there its just nor a productive place to be.

the idea of forcing kids to change does not work in the long run , yes they will seem fine but its only because if they disobey then some giant football playing dick is going to jam his finger in your pressure point or you will be outside cleaning up horse shit. i was sent to another program that legitmately helped me out and id say DRA IS A NO GO

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A mother about her daughters stay

This review was made by a mother to a girl placed at Heartlight Ministries in Texas. All rights goes to the author

  • Good: The staff on intake seemed confident that our daughter was a good fit in their program. Things seemed hopeful but then I was coming from a very emotional state and anything they said I would have been glad to hear..
  • Bad: The substandard psycological services and their lack of truely diagnosing the problems. The counseling staff and program in general was unable to help my child because they didn't understand the real issues nor did they have the proper training in the treatmeant model she needed. One size fits all mentality..
  • Improvements: They need a psychological staff that is highly trained in the latest theripudic models and can see and understand the child's real needs. Behavior modification may work for a few but when you have a child with dysregulated thinking and an inability to keep continuity of her life memory from day to day a dialectic therapeutic model is called for and they had no idea what that was. Their understanding of Neurobiology was very poor..
  • Other: The psychiatric care was marginal. Contact with the doctor was rare and I got the distinct feeling he was a pill pusher and didn't attempted any diagnostic help at all. The treatment team wasn't working in lock step to help my child. When it got to hard they kicked her out. No graduation or closure for my child..


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A testimony about Heartlight Ministries

This testimony about Hearlight Ministries was found on Judy's book. All rights goes to the original author

I was sent to Heartlight over 10 years ago.

It helped me to stop stereotyping people, and I formed life long friendships with both residents and staff.

When I arrived, I was so angry, I wouldn't even look at my parents. When I left, I was cheery and outgoing. I came back home after 15 months and made new friends which led to my joining a garage band. This angered my parents who have always considered my passion for singing a waste of time.

They claimed I was using drugs, which was unfounded and untrue. They made the decision to send me back to Heartlight after only being home for 3 months. Mark Gregston decided to be my counselor for my 2nd time there. I was back for 2 months and in that time, I saw him once. He cancelled all the other sessions. I was eventually kicked out for trying to runaway. A couple of months later, my first roommate died. Being adopted, then sent away twice, hurt so much more than it helped.

To this day my parents and I have a very strained relationship and most of it is because of Heartlight. Oh, and I went to jail twice for weed after my Heartlight stay. I didn't even smoke before I went to Heartlight either time. I was very close with my first roommate and the marijuana had a lot to do with numbing the pain I felt from her absence. Every single person I was at Heartlight with has expressed the same view. It hurts more than helps.

I truely believe when Gregston first started this, it was to help people. Now, the other residents I lived with and even some of the staff I'm still in touch with believe this is all about the money for him. Want proof? He named a cabin after my friend Caroline who passed away (and who was also sent to the program twice), then changed the name after someone who donated a ton of money to the organization. Also, if the parents aren't willing to take part and heal themselves, this program has no chance in working. If drugs are involved, this place will not help whatsoever. They do not follow a 12 step program.

Since it was founded Heartlight Ministries has been the focus of a number of campaigns where relatives and friends try to get teenagers released. Also a number of teenagers have tried to escape. Punishment reported includes being forced to wear orange jumpsuits like prison inmates.


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chocolate_cosmos at Sunset Bay Academy / Oceanside

This testimony was found on Reddit. All rights goes to the original author known as chocolate_cosmos

Well it's not my mistake, but when I was fifteen my mother blew 17k on a "therapeutic" boarding school in Mexico for troubled teens. She told me we were going on vacation, and left me there for six months.

On my second day (of 174 - I counted. There wasn't much else to do) I refused to change into my uniform, so the fitness teacher (whose other job was, funny enough, cage fighting) put me in a headlock until I stopped resisting. Over the next six months my personality slowly atrophied. We girls had a strict schedule, weren't allowed to speak to each other very much, were never allowed to leave the facility, and were punished for the smallest things: sharing food, glancing at the boys, who lived in a separate part of the facility, or refusing to do a single thing we were ordered to do. To top it all off, every day we had fitness class - an hour and a half of being screamed at to "never give up" in Spanish while we did upwards of sixty push-ups, dozens of laps around the courtyard, and enough sprawls to make your head spin. This was followed by "therapy", which was really just a glorified whining session - but we were allowed to let our hair down (literally. We had to wear our hair in a ponytail or bun because it was "provocative" when it was let down) and that felt nice.

The day I got out (and only because my father had won custody and a judge ordered me out of Mexico) I screamed at my mother and, subsequently, had a panic attack when I was left alone outside for the first time in six months. I spent the next year re-learning how to navigate social situations and trying to find a way out of some debilitating depression.

I like to believe my mother knows it was a horrible, expensive mistake, but she'll never admit it. (And would anyone really want to admit they blew 17k on a facility that completely screwed their daughter over?)

Fun fact: the place is called Sunset Bay Academy (formerly Oceanside, but they were sued and had to change their name) and I never saw a single sunset. The walls were too high.

The facility opened operating as a part of WWASP system. They later turned independent. Recently they have rented a Hotel closer to the beach.


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ProgramGirl at Diamond Ranch Academy

This testimony was found on a messageboard named All rights goes to the original author known as ProgramGirl

It is very hard for me to write this email but I find it to be more than an obligation. I discovered your site today, June 21, 2005 and immediately had to contact you. I was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused at Diamond Ranch Academy from late July 2001 to late June 2002.

I speak not only for myself. 20-60 other kids at any given time went through some of the same sickening and humiliating torture around me every day. Years have passed, but a lot of the pain has not. In fact, I still keep contact with about five people I went to "DRA" with, and we all feel the same way. Some still have nightmares to this day related to this program. (There's something strange to me about considering the idea of having a child woken up and literally kidnapped by strange men in the middle of the night to face a year of incarceration "therapeutically".) It is a very dangerous game these people are playing, indeed, and I speak from experience.

The first two weeks I stayed at Diamond Ranch was the sickest display of an abuse of power I have ever witnessed. I quickly made it out of their gruesome hell of a "first level" they called "wilderness" at the time out of sheer fear and terror.

Our sleeping, eating, and working conditions were absolutely filthy and barbaric. We were barked orders from four in the morning until very late into the day, then, when we finally were allowed sleep, we were woken up repeatedly during the night to do "calisthenics".

Our days were entirely filled with busy work that mainly included making the facility look better for interested parents touring the ranch. We were not allowed to talk to one another whatsoever. If we were caught doing so, it resulted in group calisthenics for hours on end. We were not allowed cold water, only warm water out of dirty canteens provided by the staff.

The staff always seemed ready to remind us they were only 'legally obligated' to provide us with two meals a day. Meals consisted of white rice or lentils for dinner and (sometimes) lunch, and oats for breakfast, and we were occasionally allowed rotten fruit. Spices and seasonings were only allowed twice during these two weeks because we were told we didn't deserve them. We prepared these meals ourselves over a burner. We had to use dirty sticks found on the ground as utensils. If one of us vomited, they were forced to eat another bowl or the result was more group punishment.

We were only allowed to bathe/ change clothes every two days if that, (in freezing cold outdoor "showers" of course.) We were told that that we were worth less than dirt, etc. The staff would mockingly eat healthy, delicious looking meals from the "inside" facility and candy bars in our faces to taunt us. When traveling from site to site, we were forced to march and sing marching related songs at the same time. If one was caught not singing, or crying from pain, exhaustion, or hunger; more physical and verbal group punishment.

Once, the owner's son Robbie was our staff, just for the day. He set me aside from the group and physically punished me personally by making me do pushups with my hands in sharp rocks until my arms collapsed and then decided it would be a good idea to start yelling in my face; "What's the matter with you ____?! You can't do a push up, you can't do anything! What are we gonna' do with you boy?!" etc.

Another night that stands out, was a night when an abusive, and in my personal opinion mentally unstable wilderness staff member named Brad decided to make us do "calisthenics" until every last one of us was breaking down crying. That in itself wasn't out of the ordinary, but this round, every time one of the poor students in our group who suffered from terrets syndrome uncontrollably uttered an obscenity, Brad would make us keep going and going until we were literally screaming in pain, our muscles locking up. Kids were getting sick, passing out, falling over crying and begging for mercy.

Later in my program I heard him utter things to other staff members that personally made me believe Brad enjoyed making kids suffer.

I also remember activities such as lying on the desert floor holding large boulders above my head in the blazing hot Utah sun until I felt like I could barely take it anymore. The individual shocking instances of abuse of power I was exposed to during those two weeks were endless. Luckily, my stay was short. Some people were in this phase up to six months. Half way through my stay at 'DRA', 'wilderness' was shut down due to illegal activity and changed to "unemployment", a much tamer and regulation-friendly version of what I had gone through. Needless to say no kind of contact to anyone outside of the facility was allowed during this period.

The rest of my stay at Diamond Ranch Academy was better but we were all still very manipulated and controlled. For example, after a few months I was able to mail my parents, but mail was closely monitored and read, and they ultimately decided if it was sent or not. If you did anything to expose the ranch for what it really was, you were instantly punished and knocked back down on the level system, promising you an even longer and harder stay at the program. Same with phone calls. They were always monitored and you would be instantly cut off if you said anything that could be deemed as "manipulative". Rob Dias and the staff were the real manipulators of Diamond Ranch Academy. You were always part of their scheme. If you sold the place, you went home. If you fought the place, the harder they'd make it for you. They play a sick game of power with you up until the moment you sign your release paper. You were seen as more of a dollar sign rather than a patient in the eyes of Rob Dias, the owner, who used scare tactics in order to gain respect from students, and his sons and staff are well known for physically abusing kids in ways that go WELL beyond what they would classify as "necessary restraint". What I saw there was not necessary restraint. It was bullying, physical abuse, and torture. The difference between that place on a regular day and a day when an interested parent thinking about sending their kid to Diamond Ranch came to look around was as different as night and day. Bottom line: We were treated as objects and sales tools. It was a living nightmare.

We were always hungry, scared, and filthy. We were always living and cooking in horrible conditions. Always being used as an ad campaign for interested parents. Always being hurt by staff or the conditions of our work situations. I don't know how many times I had to go the hospital for being cut with sharp objects while working in the junk yard. I can only hope someone out there thinking about sending their kid to a program reads this, and does a little more research on these places. Everything in my statement is true. I give HEAL permission to use my statement in any way they please. "

Yes, my friend, it's terrifying. Recently a kid died at Diamond Ranch Academy that we(people who follow the gulags) have found out about, only through a tip, I believe--there are no media reports on it. How many kids have died that we never found out about? :(

The boarding school has relocated their campus and some components of their program has been altered.


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Feedback from former residents of Valley Springs Youth Ranch in Missouri

Donny from Des Moines in Iowa testified:
I lived in that nightmare for over a year and the harsh lessons I learnt from the "christian" staff and the little monsters they made worse still haunt me. Abuse of ALL forms runs rampant there. Paroles and overgrown bullies (some of which were perverts) staff the place. Inner city punks are warehoused there to steep in each others psychological filth. Any decent person that goes there is either silenced, ruined or driven out. It is a hell on earth that no child should be subjected to and any adult should be Hung for supporting. I hope there is a special place in Muspell for George Becker and his cronies (especially Tony Shaw) for the abuses I and and the other residents suffered in that festering scab

Dustin Combs from Warrenton in Missouri testified:
hello people hope you all read this would you all like to hear a story well here goes my name is dustin combs and i spent 4 freaking years in that hell hole and to let you know they dont run it like they should the legal way lets just say fights happen there bc the staff they hire some of them dont give two shits its just a paycheck staff betting on which boy will win in a fight staff watching as people get the hell beat out of them and not caring at 17 i weighted 100 pounds and i was so doped on meds so i wouldnt be a probleem and they didnt have to worry bout me i got my butt kicked two times a day aT THE LEAST MADE FUN OF PHYSICALLY AND MENTALY ABUSED BY KIDS AND SOME STAFF ALIKE IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN PRISON BC I WASNT ABLE TO DEFEND MYSELF now there are some good staff but there is bad and to enlighten you there are kids there who dont need to be there i was there bc my adopted parents got tired of me when the money ran out dont dare any of you talk bad bout the guys there you dont know the half of wat some have been through some need it others dont and you all think you are better than me and the guys in the ranch well guess wat fuck you all that think that

A former vsyr boy from Las Cruces in New Mexico testified:
I spent 3 years at vsyr during the mid to late 90's. Now, I can't honestly comment on how things are run now (the daughters of staff were the only girls there at the time), but I am a firm believer that a leopard cannot change its spots. Before you judge me as a reckless thug or spoiled brat, I can honestly tell you that I arrived at vsyr because my parents were herion addicts and judged unfit.

I truly believe George and Joanne have great intentions, and, there were a few staff members who deeply cared for the boys in their charge.For the young men housed there, I truly hope there are more quality people in charge.

But I will share some of my experiences and insights from my time at vsyr. The staff are all about helping someone feel unique and indiviual, as long as you fit into their idea of what that should be. If you deviate from their standard, you are punished and degraded. On one occasion, I was forced to sit outside in the middle of January, without a coat. Several of my housemates, the "bigger" guys, were turned into zombies because of large dosages of sedatives that made them less of a threat. It was very common for a female night staff to have her "favorites" and take those young men to private areas in the middle of the night. Anyone not following the explicit orders of a staff member, even those orders which any other person would scoff at, would be subjected to "restraint," which meant being tackled to the ground. Those with developmental issues were routinely called retard by the staff.

I think, in all my time there, the worst example of abuse happened to the, then, youngest resident. He was 11, and had his face rubbed into the gravel driveway by a 300 pound man. The reason? His grandmother had just died, and he told the man to leave him alone for a while. I, personally, picked little rocks out of the cuts in his skin.

As others have stated, it did no good whenever the abuse hotline was called. George, Jonanne, and their staff all put on a bright, shiny act when investigators came, and then the claimant was severely punished.

I have moved on from my time there, in spite of the soul crushing practices they employed.Perhaps vsyr has changed over the years, but please don't let their fancy words and glossy pictures fool you. It is not as idyllic as they make it sound.


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Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 5

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

July 14, 2011

This place is truly fucked up. I thought age would bring me wisdom, peace of mind and calmness of thought. I thought wrong. What age has given me is a heightened level of awareness to the point where I see Robert Land Academy has impacted my entire life in a negative way. I was unlucky to be born into the wrong family. My parents were so abusive that they both had the audacity to assume the part of injured party and paint me as the bad guy when I was protesting their negligence and their abusive behavior. One day in the fall of 1984 a Hamilton policeman and long time friend of my father named Mr. Reed came into my dad’s restaurant and suggested he send me to Robert Land Academy. The only reason I never ran away from this place is that I knew at the age of 12 I had no place to go.

However I intend to speak to my lawyer to see if Robert Land Students have the legal right to refuse to be sent there if their parents try to force this school on them. My argument is simple. If a boy does not want to be there then you as a parent could be doing your boy irreparable harm by dumping him there. The responsibility is yours if you have not figured that out yet. You have the ability to create life and that life is given to you in trust. If you are not ready to have kids then simply don’t have any. If you as a parent do not want to raise your boy yourself then I will be happy to do your job for you. I am not joking when I say this. I would rather step in as his mentor then see another boy lose his love for life like I did. I don’t want to see any kid spend the last 20 plus years suffering the same way I am because of my stay at this vicious boot camp in Wellandport Ontario. You as a parent can walk away and “wash your hands” if your son suffers any negative effects. Your son cannot walk away from this. Your son will be the one who will be constantly paying the price of your screw up if Robert Land harms his young psyche. This is what I mean when I say you are “gambling with your son’s life” by putting him in that same place I was stuck at from age 12 to almost 18. This is no place for a boy. I left this school feeling like an old man who has come to the end of his life with no interest to do anything anymore. Why was I feeling this way at the age of 17 in the year 1990? Why do I still feel this way in the year 2011 with my 39th birthday just mere months away? Why do I have this empty feeling? Why do I feel like a dead person? Why do I keep wishing I never went to Robert Land Academy? Why didn’t I let my father see me one last time while he was gravely ill on his death bed before he died? Why didn’t I go to his funeral to pay him any last respect? Why didn’t I let my brother see me one last time when he had only a few days to live at Toronto East General Hospital before he died? Why didn’t I go to his funeral to pay him any last respect? Why didn’t I contest the will of my father who is worth about 3 million Canadian dollars in overseas bank accounts and real estate holdings in Hamilton Ontario?

The answer is I don’t give a care about these people in life so why would I give a care about then in death. I once cared about these people and I gave them my full loyalty but they showed me they were selfish and they did not give a care if I lived or died. It took me a long time to accept that these 2 men were truly evil and I was unfortunate to be related to them. My dead sibling alone was worth 1 million dollars in overseas bank accounts. Between these two dead punks they had 4 million Canadian dollars. If I had 4 million Canadian dollars it would not excite me. The only thing I might do with this money is start a unique service to help former Robert Land Academy students who are suffering as I am. You have no idea how badly I wanted out of that school. You have no idea how I dreaded wearing that ugly ridiculous scarlet uniform. Just so I would not lose my sanity there I consciously shut off desire to feel enthusiastic about life. When I left there I tried to turn back on my enthusiasm to explore and live life and I found I was not able to get myself interested. I tried endlessly but I was not successful. My life and my reality today is crap. This is what Robert Land Academy has done for me. This could happen to your son. As he gets older and nears 40 like me he might wish he could relive his life again from the point before he ever heard this bull crap private school. I don’t know what my future holds for me but I don’t look forward to it. To me everyday feels the same. Nothing seems to excite me much except warning people that Robert Land Academy is a virtual death sentence. I exist physically but I feel I have no soul left. I am not living a quality life at all. To live in this world you must grow with this world or you will not feel a part of this world. If you as a parent who sends your son to Robert Land Academy and he seeks me out because he does not want to be there then my message to your son will be simple. I will advise him for his own safety to stop feeling any unconditional love for his parents. I will then tell him to estrange himself from his parents when he is no longer a minor. That is exactly what I did when I was 19 and I never looked back. It was the best decision I ever made and almost 20 years later I do not regret it. I just simply distanced myself from my scum bag dangerous family for my own protection so they may never again harm me. This way I can hopefully salvage any little quality life I might have left.

The only thing that gives me any peace now is to spread the warning that Robert Land Academy is a death school. If you perceive me as a stubborn fool then that is your prerogative. When I make serious allegations I back up my claims with evidence. My complaint is not frivolous or vexatious. I am not stubborn. I believe in continuous sustained effort if the cause is humane and just. If I can convince at least one parent not to send their boy to Robert Land Academy then my effort will be worth it. Saving one boy’s quality of life is better than doing nothing with my time. With all my inner strength I have still not experienced any peace with myself thanks to the harsh methods of raising a boy at Robert Land academy. The reason why I stayed away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes was simple. I did want to lose myself to narcotics. All I have in this world is control of my own metal faculties. I discovered that the only thing we have that is truly ours is unchallenged and unchallengeable control over our own thoughts. Robert Land Academy makes this intrusive attempt into our young impressionable minds and tries to forcefully reorganize our thought process. This is dangerous to a young boy’s mental health because his brain is hardwired a certain way and any psychologist will argue against this sort of unhealthy practice. When Scott Bowman tried this with me he ended up complicating my life because his school also does not allow you to go through the normal stages of maturity properly. I just happen to be lucky when I was born that nature sent me out into this world with a cast iron will. I can cope with life after Robert Land Academy better than several former students I met. Some of them cannot cope at all with this injustice. I wish I can do more for them but it is too late. I can only hope that I can prevent this disaster from claiming its next projected victim. For those of you like Scott Bowman and Bill Bates who think I am full of hot air then I must warn you that when it comes to the importance of my own ideals…I can be most convincing. I can win over any crowd if I want to. Please if you have any doubts try me. I am always eager to give a demonstration on how easy it is to capture anyone’s imagination.

Angry Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas


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Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 4

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I was sitting in my car about one week after the death of my eldest sibling George. I was reminiscing about my interaction with him. I really did not miss him. George Ladas was a scum bag in every sense of the word. I still never forgave him for ripping me off for 100 dollars when I was 15 years old. I also never forgot how one night in 1994 George was preaching to me on how to lead a life of good moral character like him. That same night after his lecture I caught George snorting a line of cocaine in a night club called Zoo Bar. This guy was pure scum and he died like the disgusting pig he was. I just pulled into a spot where I usually hang out and I just could not fucking believe my eyes. Another scum bag like George had the audacity to walk up to my driver side window and say “can we talk”. There is a reason why my doors and windows are always locked. It’s because of moments just like this. This scum bag goes by the full legal name of Alexander Peter Ladas. It was my other sibling. This is the brother I would have preferred to have died instead of George. I was so fucking disappointed when I got the news it was George who died and not Alex. I just took one quick look at this mother fucker just to be sure it was who I thought it was. In a split second I confirmed his identity. For some reason my adrenalin started to race along with my blood pressure. The anger and rage that gripped me at that moment was unbelievable. I just wanted to viciously beat the mortal fuck right through Alex but that would not be very civilized for a man of my intelligence. At that moment something really strange just happened. With my perception it appeared as time was slowing down to a crawl. I know what happened to me. Our eyes are just like an old projector machine. Our eyes send about 30 frames per second to our brain. When our thoughts begin to race our eyes end up sending about 50 frames per second to our brain for the duration of our heighted awareness. This is a part of our survival instinct. This is what protects us from perceived danger. This is how we avoid accidents and disasters once we notice it is about to strike. When I saw that fuck head Alex my brain when into combat mode. I see Alex as extremely dangerous and poisonous because of the way he often mistreated me throughout my adolescence. I started having so many memories of our interaction from the past. I only glanced at this punk for a second but my racing thoughts and memories made it feel like several moments.

I remember when he left me behind for one day in Greece. The year was 1981 and I was just 8 years old and I was crying over Alex’s neglectful attitude. I remember all the physical child abuse Alex put me through when I was about 10 years old. I remember 1986 when Alex laughed at me when I sat crying in Bowman’s office at Robert land Academy when Alex and my father dumped me there…again. I remember in the summer of 1988 how Alex put me at risk by surrendering my passport to a hotel manager as a damage deposit instead of his passport. This really fucking irked me. I remember from when I was a kid to an adult how Alex always made himself feel better by pounding the fuck out of my self esteem with his painful insults. Why the fuck were you so cruel with me Alex? I gave you my full respect and brotherly love as a family member. What the fuck did I ever do to you Alex? You Alex are a drug addicted, alcoholic, sociopath, manipulative fuck, control freak and I am not going to hide this about you any longer. New people you associate with will no longer see you as the charming and suave person you want everyone to believe you are. You will have a hard time deceiving people with you bullshit demeanor. It was not my fault that our father gave me more of his attention than he gave you. I was always against parents playing favourites amongst their children. I know this mere fact was at the heart of you and George always antagonizing, ostracizing and engaging me. One of the things that have always angered me about Alex was an incident that occurred in 1995. It occurred after I was no longer working at this one place. Alex blurted out he overheard 1 of my coworkers criticize me. This scum bag coworker was trying to capture the imagination of 2 other coworkers in trying to turn the entire staff against me. He failed and this is why. I knew who these coworkers were because one of them was loyal to me and told me what was said behind my back. I got the coworker who was spreading false rumors about me promptly fired. I was upset that Alex never told me at the moment he overheard this one punk talk false shit about me. It showed me that Alex never truly cared about my health and welfare. Alex had this really sadistic thrill out of always watching me face hardship and he never warned me when he thought I was about to face adversity. To me this was a really petty way to exact retribution towards me because Alex never got as much attention from our father as I got. This dispute is actually between Alex and my father. It was Christos Ladas that Alex should have focused his dispute with.

There are many negative incidents that occurred between me and Alex but I will leave that for another day. I will say this about Alex Ladas. True family members are willing to go down with the ship at all costs. Alex was always the first to jump ship with the same rats be bunks with. I have always believed in this saying when I think how a family should act towards each other. It goes like this…”we sink, we swim, we rise, we fall…we meet our fate together”. The key words here are “we” and “together”. I got the point of what being a family man was all about. I am sad to say that I was the only one in the entire Ladas family that understood this basic principle. It does not take an intellectual or academic to realize that we exist for only one reason and that is to help each other survive. The laws of nature that govern all our instincts continue to point towards this very profound truth and fact. We must help each other live and not die. If we are going to feud and war and hurt our loved ones then there is no reason we as a species should inhabit this earth. It is our privilege and not a right that we have a place in nature. We must coexist and learn from each other so we may continue earning our place in nature. This effort is ongoing. I will say this and you might find it shocking to believe Alex but it is true. I have someone that I truly call my brother. Someone who has given me so much more respect and brotherly love than you and George ever gave me. He has treated me like a true brother and his parent have been so kind to me. I will never reveal his identity because it is none of your flying fucking business. I really enjoyed replacing you Alex with my new brother. You are not wanted anymore because you were so selfish. I am more than happy to share my blessings with my new brother. Too bad for you Alex that your scum brother George is no longer by your side so you both can continue to pound the fucking hell out of my self esteem like you did my entire life until I dumped your ass when I was 27. I really should have dumped your ass earlier as soon as I left Robert Land Academy. Enjoy life being Alex without George or me to be around you. You really deserve to be brotherless. You have nobody and you are the author of your own misfortune. I was willing to into hell with you one time until you showed me that you were not worth being loyal to when you dumped me and laughed at me in Bowman’s office at Robert Land Academy. I am so glad you lost your father and brother to death in a span of 18 months. Actually you lost 3 people since I am happy to include myself in your losses. We could have been so close you and I. Although you are 9 years older than me the maturity gap between us was closing to the point where we could have done so much. We could have gone to places like Las Vegas or simple stay local and go bars hoping a have a slew of girlfriends. You dumb fuck. I so badly wanted to grow up fast when I was a kid so we could have fun as adults. Why in the fuck did you have to destroy our future together by mistreating me and dumping me at Robert Land Academy? What the fuck is wrong with you Alex? Why didn’t you recognize me as you biological brother? You lose sucker and I hope one day you see the stupidity that you allowed to govern your thinking. You truly are a dumb ass. I hope you ended up so demoralized and I hope that Bowman reads these words that are coming right out of my soul.

Like I said only one second elapsed from when I spotted this punk and all these thoughts raced through my mind at lightning speed. I instantly pulled my car in reverse and then I put it high gear and hit the accelerator. The punk decides to try to stop the car with his bare hands. I mean are you fucking kidding me. When did you become superman Alex? Get a fucking life Alex you manipulative gutless coward. Alex you will never again be welcomed around me. From now on Alex I am off limits to you. Have a nice life Alex and maybe I will see you in Hell when this life is over along with George and Christos. I drove away and at a distance to see where Alex parked his car. This sneaky bastard parked his car in a car dealership just to make it easier for him to sneak up on me. I discreetly followed him just to see where he would go. He went south on Dundas Street West and then turned east on Howard Park. It was then that I decided not to continue to follow him because I wanted to keep as much distance between me and anybody who was in favour of having me dumped at Robert Land Academy. This includes Alex whom I will never consider again to be my brother. Get the fuck out of my life forever Alex. I hope you are the next member of the Ladas family who will die off like George and Christos.

As a final word here with this segment, I hope all parents who think about sending their boys to Robert Land Academy think twice before your son possibly ends up with my type of sentiment. Just for one moment imagine your son talking the exact way I am towards you years after you dump him at Robert Land Academy. I am imploring every parent do not dump him at this institution. You are gambling with your son’s life. You could be robbing him of a quality life. Don’t be fucking reckless with your son’s well being. The best chance you have with creating an unbreakable bond with your son is to show him you are willing to go down with the ship with him if all else fails. You have to share in your son’s anxiety and feel the pain when you son faces any adversity. For fucks sakes do a lot of mutually enjoyable activity with you son like encouraging him to do his school homework with you so you can grow with him every step of his life. It is not fucking hard to approach parenting from a naturally point of view. This is all I ever wanted as an adolescent just like every other kid. That is to be accepted into the adult world. If you do not heed my warning then you will have me against you and don’t be surprised if my literature turns your son against you. I am not fucking kidding. I am not spewing out subversive literature. I have experienced unimaginable pain at Robert Land Academy and so much unperceived hell after I left this twisted school. Feel free to return to my website for more about my time at Robert Land and how it ruined my life. I hope you as parents will learn many lessons from what I have to say here. I am not disclosing all these personal details for nothing.

Angry Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas


Monday, November 3, 2014

Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 3

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

Monday, April 11, 2011

There has been something that has bothered me for many years. My scum bag deceased father used to do back flips when he saw such consistently high marks on my academic report cards from Robert Land Academy. When I went to pick up my high school diploma and grade 13 certificate I knew my father Chris wanted to see them. I went to the office at Hamilton Ontario’s Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School. Before this fat bitch secretary gave them to me she had the audacity to hold my documents hostage and demand an answer from me as to why I did not go to the graduation ceremony. My response was, “since you don’t want to hand them over you might as well keep them because I don’t really want them. It was my father that sent me here. I am going to walk off this property and call 911 and complain you are committing an act of theft which contravenes the criminal code of Canada”. The bitch replied, “you don’t have to be like that”. I said, “you have 5 seconds to comply and I am being generous with you or I will lay a criminal charge against you which I can now do at the age of 18”. The bitch let go of them. Once they were in my hands I said,” don’t fuck with me bitch. I do not go to this school anymore. If you have a problem with my attitude then complain to the principal and ask him to suspend me and give me a detention. Beside it is none of your flying fucking business whether I show up or not at any graduation. By the way woman…the kitchen is that way and go fuck yourself”. I slammed the office door and I got so much pleasure out of doing it. Who does this fucking bitch think she is? I would never do what she did to me. If I was in her shoes I would not have asked any questions. I would have swiftly handed over the documents. I would give this woman my full respect if she did it this civilized way. I cannot handle people like this after being so badly abused and mistreated at Robert Land. I was not born this way. Bowman’s private school can make you really jaded. This bitch made me go ape shit with her elitist attitude. What the fuck does she think she is some kind of committee that I must answer and courtesy to? I don’t care if she is related to some royal house. I will fucking put anyone in their place if they try to hold hostage anything that belongs in my possession. That includes you too Bowman and I am not being fucking mellow dramatic with my words. Everything I say comes right from my heart and I don’t fucking care if you think my heart is blacker than sin…you son of a bitch. No doubt your relative Robert Land from your mother’s side of your family would look down on you if he existed in this time period.

I knew deep in my heart that these 2 documents were bogus and illegitimate. I remember breaking the news to my sleazy father that I never truly earned these documents. I told him all those times you jumped for joy when you saw my report cards from Robert Land Academy were for nothing. At RLA I never earned these marks. Bowman gave them to me just so he could take all our family’s fucking money. This is how Bowman did it. He ordered the teachers to grade us out of 100 percent which makes it easier for him to cause a distortion in our marks. Bowman preferred to grade us this way because you cannot easily distort someone’s marks if you use the classic use of A, B, C, D, E and F grading system. Bowman then ordered the teachers to give us 10 percent for having a neat note book which everyone did because if not then we would face harsh punishment. Bowman also ordered the teachers to give us 10 percent for participating in class which everyone did because if not then we would again face harsh punishment. This gives us an inflated 20 percent extra. If we had a 30 percent grade in any class then all of a sudden we have a 50 percent grade level for that course which made us pass and that pass is recorded on our high school transcript. Passing a student this way is unethical. All the subjects I passed at Robert Land Academy were ill merited. I truly did not deserve these marks. Bowman pulled a fast one on the parents who paid so much money for a miracle. What bowman actually did was use a sleight of hands trick and this is how he convinced the parents that his school can make any boy end up in the upper bracket of achievement. If you don’t believe me then I will quote my grade 9, 10 and 12 teacher about this trick. His name is Elliot Applebaum. In the fall of 1987 during my grade 9 math class he said this to me and the rest of the students. He said that he believes that students should be graded on merit and merit only. He said he is not happy that Bowman ordered him to give 10 percent for participation and 10 percent for a neat note book. He said I am forced to give you marks for stupidity. This is exactly what Elliot Applebaum said to me and my classmates. This must have really caused Elliot a huge conflict on his conscious. Elliot is a purest when it comes to teaching his students properly. I had a feeling that Bowman had dissention in the ranks of his staff members. I knew Elliot Applebaum would not last long. Either Bowman would find some cheap excuse to fire him or he would make Elliot’s life so miserable that Elliot would resign. If remember correctly... Elliot only lasted 3 years.

I told my father that I really should earn these 2 documents. They really should be decertified. All the courses at Robert Land Academy should be annulled from my school record and transcript. I told him we should take a consult a lawyer on how to go about doing this. From grade 6 to 13 all the Robert Land courses I passed should be erased for the microfiche at the Board of Education for the city of Hamilton. I also told my father that I intend to do this one day with or without his consent and I will go public about it. That day has come. This is what I will do Bowman. I do not want your fucking bullshit courses on my school record any longer. I will have that high school diploma and grade 13 certificate decertified due to what I call mitigating circumstances. I don’t care if this a huge fucking embarrassment to you Bowman. I have no intention of going to an adult learning center to truly earn these 2 documents. I feel way too old for that. I would have preferred to have earned them in a normal public school just like any normal healthy kid. My father did not see eye to eye with me but that was fine because he preferred to look at me through rose coloured glasses. Chris Ladas never saw me the way I truly was. Chris preferred to see me the way he wanted to see me. Chris lived in his own imaginary world and he died that way without me by his side. He died on his death bed and he knew he was going. Chris so badly wanted me there to give him my forgiveness. I made sure he never got my forgiveness for sending me to Robert Land Academy. Chris Ladas in all his glory died like pig and I made sure I wasn’t there so he could feel nothing but despair. My only regret is I wished he lived longer so I could keep reminding him how his indifference towards my adolescence has caused me unimaginable hardship in my life. I kept telling him after Robert Land that I trusted and believed in him and he let me down. I told him when I was 12 years old and you dumped me at RLA I thought how can you do this to your little child and abandon me and subject me to this cruel institution in Welland port. I told him “I thought were the best team in the world. I thought were inseparable. I thought we were family. I thought we were father and son. I thought you were my best friend. You mother fucker how could you do this to me? I am your fucking son for fucks sake. I refuse to accept your life lessons. I no longer will accept your services as a father. I will say this right now, as far as you serving me any longer…you’re fired!” When I told Chris he was fired…I screamed it with all my soul. When I told my scum bag deceased brother George this, he ask me this idiotic question. How can you fire you father? I told him I said it to demoralize Chris for sending me to Robert Land Academy. I so badly wanted Chris to end up at his lowest emotional ebb just so he will have intuitive insight at what he subjected me to at that private school.

Angry Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 2

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For those who read this you are probably wondering what the hell set me off the other day. I was going to eventually use YouTube to promote my books on my stay at Robert Land Academy. The books were completed last month and have been sent off for publishing. I did not plan to start promoting until after I have a book launch party. Something happened to me that I changed my mind and I started to promote my story immediately. In an unrelated incident last week I was invited for dinner by this one woman whom I have become so smitten over. I really liked this girl for a while. She is this voluptuous girl who is 40. Although she is 2 years older than me she really does not look her age. I say she could pass for 32 at the youngest. Anyways I found out she cancelled or little get together and ended up brushing me off for another man. In the world of relationships you can say that this girl was on the “rebound”. I was not fucking impressed. In fact I was fucking livid. I could not believe I got my hopes up so high that I actually thought about giving myself to this amazing woman for years to come. Whatever youth she had left in her life, she decided to give it to another man to enjoy. Once again I struck out. This was not the first time this had happened. This has been happening so often since I left Robert Land Academy. When it comes to women I have experienced an extreme of bad luck in the last 20 years. I have always known why. I had a hard time competing with every man on the planet who has always seem to have a higher personal market value than me. Majority of the men out there went through the normal stages of maturity properly. Many men out there have had a head start when it comes to developing their social skills and dating skills. They are in another league compared to me with all their charm and suave. Most men have not faced the kind of resistance I was forced to face because of Robert Land Academy. This place does not prepare you for the real world. The school at Wellandport is no different than a jail. They feed you like an inmate in a prison. They drill you to death on a parade square. They make you march around for miles as much as 25 miles a day for three straight days. This is so fucking insane. Sometimes when I look back at my years at this institutution I ask myself “now what the fuck was what all about”. The sad part is I never left Robert Land Academy. It has always been in the back of mind. I tried to forget about it but the nightmares and adversities I faced in my life kept reminding me that I grew up in an unnatural environment. I grew up in an ambience that felt like hell. That school really robbed me of a quality life. I became institutionalized and I did not realize it until many years later. I strongly suspect the greater majority of parents who stick their kids there have this mindset of what I would call ultra conservative. I am willing to bet 99.9 percent of the parents who send their kids to RLA have extreme right wing political leanings. How in the fuck can you argue with a parent whose brain is hardwired to be rigid and dogmatic? I watch these parent testimonials on YouTube from an objective point of view and I still see my own parents in the faces of these people. These parents are full of mistaken certainties of what is really healthy for their son. What your son needs is unconditional love and not to be sent to this place which I liken to a Gulag. The date is Wednesday, April 6, 2011 and I just woke up from another fucking nightmare of being back at Robert Land Academy at the age of 12 and being sexually assaulted in the shower area of brock barracks by a former student named David Bouchard. You might tell to stop whining and it was just a dream but this event actually occurred in January of 1985 and this dream was more like a replay of a painful memory I had from my recruit days. If Bowman’s private school is so wonderful then why do I continue to suffer 26 years later from my bad experience in the shower room at brock barracks? Don’t be surprised if one day you change your tune about your sentiment toward RLA if your son exhibits all sorts of symptoms because he did not growing up like normal kids. If your son one day has an inability to connect to others outside RLA because his peers do not perceive him as “hip and cool”, don’t be shocked if he starts to blame you for this problem you as parents created. I know this painful problem all too well. I discovered it when I went to grade 13 in a public high school. I was so distraught over it that I never went to my high school graduation just to stick it to my family. I wish I saw the look on my parent’s faces that went to my graduation ceremony and sat in the crowd to find out when the school principal called out my name that I was nowhere near the high school. At that moment I was in downtown Hamilton in the place my father hated seeing me in. It was a downtown video arcade that offered gaming services to my age group. I never had such a good time like this standing up my parents. They fucking deserved this disappointment and I hope they were publicly humiliated. I hope they were really proud of their son.

Getting back to what I was saying earlier I was experiencing new heights of anger when this extraordinary woman recently ditched me for another man. I was so fucking angry I kept asking myself the same question I had been asking myself since I experienced this same thing since the 1980’s. What if I did not go to Robert Land Academy? Would my personal market value be really high? For me this was the last fucking straw. I was not going to delay speaking out against Bowman and his school any longer. The last bit of procrastination that was left in me had suddenly vanished forever. My desire to speak out against Robert Land Academy had just turned into a burning obsession. I ended up doing something that I rarely ever do. I went to liquor store and I purchased 1 large bottle of French table wine with 12.5 percent alcohol. Then I bought 2 tall cans of Fax German beer with each can containing 10 percent alcohol. I knew in my heart what I was going to do that night. I seriously doubt Bowman can stop me now from purchasing alcohol. Here I am, a long time Robert Land Academy “model student” who went to a school with a school value system that was dead against alcohol. Here I am inside a liquor store with the blue beret and hat badge tucked into my jacket pocket. Here I am now discreetly clutching the cadet beret in my left hand and walking around clutching a wine bottle in my right hand all the while with an ear to ear grin on my face. I can’t wait to write about my fun bringing the RLA beret and hat badge inside a liquor store. I only hope these words reach Bowman’s eyes. If this offends and demoralizes you Bowman I say too fucking bad you son of a bitch. What the fuck can you do to me now Bowman? What are you going to do? Don’t you wish you can put me on your so called head masters charge for the first time ever? Do you wish you can give so many days of hard labour and lap track running with a weight pack? Go fuck yourself. I hope your current students read this and get a good chuckle out of my words. It is my wish to capture the imagination of all your current students. I mean everything I say here. I tell you this Bowman that this is not an imposter speaking to you pretending to be Jason Ladas. This is really master corporal Jason Ladas. I hope you still remember the way I glared at you when you made me march around that parade square for the last time on Saturday, June 16, 1990. I hope you were able to infer with my body language that day that I wanted you to fuck yourself and I was going to one day write about the hell you put me through under your care. That day has finally arrived and I welcomed it with my open arms and a lot of alcohol.

For the first time in 20 years and only the second time in my life I got extremely hammered. I became beyond drunk. I have never gone binge drinking and I am not an alcoholic. I have always known that alcohol is a depressant. There is a reason why your bartender knows more about you than your doctor. I sat in front of the 4 computers and monitors I have on my large desk and I want straight to my YouTube channel and straight to the video I posted on Robert Land then I hit the pause button. I went into my vault and dusted of the box containing all my school photos, videos and yearbooks. As far as the medals, service pins, 2 extra hat badges, good conduct arm band and corporal stripes are concerned, I left them all in a dust bin back at my parent’s house almost 20 years ago. I kept the blue beret and hat badge so I could have fun sometimes and toss it around like it was garbage. Sometimes I will pretend it is a basketball and repeatedly toss it into a garbage bin only to take it out so I can toss it around some more another day. I don’t give a fuck if this pisses off Bowman that I disrespect and desecrate a sacred symbol of his bullshit school. I had fun tossing it around on this video. I ended up consuming the alcohol with the blue beret and hat badge on my head. I started burping and belching in a drunken debauch with the blue beret and hat badge hanging sideways on my head like a drunken sailor. I never had such a good time as this. In making this video I was trying to convince the viewer that I have nothing but utter contempt over Bowman and his scum school. I am not afraid to chastise and make a mockery out of you Bowman and your good for nothing school. For me what happened to my private life in the last 24 hours made me so determined to extravert my innate feelings of what your school has done to me. I decided to make my own testimonial with this video and my website. I took my digital video camera and decided to film me replaying the RLA video I previously put on only this time I used the bottle of wine and beer can as a place to hang up the blue beret and hat badge that you once gave me to hold in trust for you. I do not give a flying fuck if this video fucks up your school’s integrity. It was liberating for me to start to promote my books this way. I had fun typing away about this school as I was looking at the monitor through a rum soaked haze. The alcohol gave me the desired effect I wanted. I only used the alcohol as a depressant so it would flush out all the long forgotten feelings I have for your school that I previously suppressed over the last 20 years.

This school can really mar the beauty and sacredness of life. The teachings at RLA do not encourage you to assert your divine right as an individual. They to not teach you how to think. They just teach you how to take orders and shut up or get severely punished and humiltiated in front of the student body. You will end up leaving that school with all sorts of problems for instance you might find that you deduction skills are horribly under developed. If you are perceived as na├»ve then you will become a magnet for shrewd and cunning individuals who will try to befriend you just so they can use you for everything they can get out of you. Thanks to Bowman I went out into this world at the age of 17 with a huge inferiority complex that was the direct cause that made me drop out of McMaster University in 1991. These days I find it so difficult to watch those old videos of me a RLA. I look at these videos in disbelief when I see my younger self lacking personality. All I can say when I watched this old video today is “how could my family do this to me. They never even tried to fucking raise me. I can never forgive my mother and 2 brothers for always making fun out me. They did not seem to care that their fun was ripping its way into my young self esteem. I wished they would stop but they never did until I finally made the difficult decision to turn my back on all of them. It was the hardest thing for me to do but I was constantly agitated by my own survival instinct to walk away. It was the best decision I have ever made and I never looked back as I step forward towards my future for the first time with confidence and authority. Every time I see these people, I just fucking run for my life. I don’t run out of fear. I run to let them know that they are not welcomed and that there is a huge price they must continue paying for dumping me at Robert Land Academy. Thanks to the Ladas family I now wake up every day to my own personal hell. This is not the life I dreamed of as an adolescent. This life is cruel and I can only warn others of its dangers. I know excessive honesty can be detrimental but I cannot think of any other way to warn parents about RLA. If your son has not yet gone there then don’t send him there. If you son is there then get him out fast. The longer you keep your son there the higher chance something bad can happen. All it takes is one bad moment like an altercation in the shower room of brock barracks. This is not a fucking joke. This is me…Jason Ladas warning you that you could be sending your son to his death. Several former students I encountered were not able to cope as well as I did with life after Robert Land Academy. Some have fallen into drug and alcohol abuse. Some now suffer from mental illness as they have become unhinged. I just happen to be lucky that nature sent mo out into this world with a cast iron will. This is why Bowman was not able to break my spirit at his bullshit school. You lose Bowman. I never let you break my will and now I celebrate every day of not being in your bullshit school. Go fuck yourself Bowman. Maybe you should now start calling me sir.

I am making a personal plea for everyone on this planet to follow me and my story through the internet. If you are reading this for a good laugh only then I suggest you go smoke some cannabis and fuckoff. My life experience is not a joke. I take my life extremely seriously just like I take anybody’s life seriously. If you value my words, life experience and wisdom then I please ask you to continue to follow story. I hope I can raise your level of awareness to lofty new heights. I have generated an overwhelming following so far and I am grateful that my story continues to gain traction. In my life I made a lot of connections with many people from all over the social spectrum. From the media to the Law Society of Upper Canada, I have called on all my friends and acquaintances to assist me in expediting the publication of my story.

Angry Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 1

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

4:00 am, April 2, 2011

I went to my basement and spent hours putting this video and comments together. You can see I am not in the best of moods. I had a bit of fun tossing around the authentic blue beret with the vintage hat badge. The blue beret and hat badge are the exact ones from the picture you see me holding my track and field championship trophy taken February 1989. I made this video hoping all past and present student and faculty eyes see this including that punk ass fuck himself the owner of the school Mr. fuck head con artist Bowman. I had so much fun making this video under the influence of large amounts of alcohol. I know alcohol consumption is against your school values you dumb fuck Bowman. I will not call you sir anymore. I find not calling you sir any more is one of life’s small pleasures. You have no idea how much I hated calling you sir for 6 different school years you son of a bitch mother fucker. You robbed my family of so much money. My naive father not only put me there against my will for 6 school different years but he willingly gave your so called Creative Center For Learning Development registered charity so much more in thousands of dollars in donations. Whatever the fuck you did with the one hundred thousand dollars he blindly gave you in blank checks is such a mystery to me. By the way I have some of those checks currently in my possession. Maybe one day I can find out through the freedom of information act how much he really gave you. I should have you fucking audited with revenue Canada for the years I was dumped there and forgotten. I just want to say my books of your bullshit institution have been completed and have been sent off for publishing and no cease and desist order from any judge can stop the documented abuses that went on during my force stay there from being highly publicized. I was more than happy to document how many ways too much physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse took place there with the exact names of all involved. I expect you to go on a frantic effort of damage control once you face a public relations nightmare. I suggest you hire a public relations firm for advice. I will have so much fun promoting my books through left wing publications first to gain traction and then I will approach right wing publications later on. You see I know how to put the odds of success in my favour. I am confident my books will be popular because when it comes to the importance of my own ideals…I can be most convincing. Your school is just a joke and a scam.

In 1992 I thought about joining Canada’s predecessor to the Joint Task Force 2 counter terrorism elite commando unit and I went to the Canadian armed forces recruiting center at the century 21 building in Hamilton Ontario. The recruiting officer who interviewed me, told me that Robert Land Academy is just a babysitting center in the eyes of the Canadian Armed Forces and is not taken seriously. I believed him because I have always known your school is pure bullshit. At my age of 38 I have lost so much of my quality life after having grown up under you bullshit care between January 9, 1985 to June 16, 1990. I cannot even win the confidence of a decent woman to raise a family with. Your extreme right wing cruel boot camp school does not prepare us for the real world in practice. I have lost so much quality of life thanks to your bullshit institution. I have grown distant from my family and did not go near the funeral of my father and brother. I refuse to go near any living member of my family. They all threw me out of the Ladas family when I was twelve years old. I will not even contest the will left behind from my father and brother whom I know is worth about 4 million dollars between the 2 of them. I know the money exists because I was there in Greece in 1987 when they both opened their bank accounts in the Bank of Crete in the Greek city of Tripoli.

I have one message for you Bowman you slime ball. I will have the best time of my life eroding your school’s credibility which you spent your life time building. I do this because it is the moral thing to do and I also have a vendetta against you. I know sometimes when I extrovert my feelings I might not sound esthetically pleasing by lacing my speech with colourful metaphors but it is something I cannot help after the vicious hell you put me through. If your school is so healthy and wholesome then why do I continue to have nightmares of my stay there for the last almost 21 fucking years? Thanks to you I have to endure nightmares of being physically and sexually assaulted at Robert Land Academy on a frequency of 4 times a month to four times a week. Thanks to my stupid parents especially my father I don’t seem to enjoy my time in this life. Every day I wake up wishing I could live my life all over again in a normal family unit. Instead thanks to your school Bowman I feel my life ended when I was 12 years old. It makes me sad to know that I was not the only student there to suffer from physical and sexual abuse. I have such a hard time generating any enthusiasm anymore as I close in on my 40th birthday. The long term effects of your method of raising boys are psychologically dangerous. It is unnatural and unhealthy. There was a reason why I publicly kept my mouth shut for a long time. I wanted to give my life 20 years to see the long term effects your school had on me. If I feel there is extremely dangerous child abuse and dangerous long term effects occurring amongst our youth and young men in our society then I have a moral and civic obligation to raise the level awareness of the general public and provincial ministry of education. Legislation at Queens Park should be passed after 3 readings that prevent such schools as Robert Land Academy to exist. Believe me you fuck Bowman I will spend the rest of my life trying to get your private school licence revoked permanently for the sake of any young boy from suffering a similar fate. From then on lazy ass parents will be forced to get their hands dirty and raise their sons on their own the natural and intelligent way.

Parents who send their kids there are the type of people who are the first to jump ship with the very same rats they bunk with when they face any challenge raising their little boys. The growth and development of their son is extremely precious. When a parent dumps their kid at Robert Land Academy they are gambling with their son’s life. Your son might be physically alive after he leaves that school but he may be just existing. He won’t be living any quality of life. Don’t be surprised if your son ends up feeling acrimonious towards you. All any young boy wants is to be loved unconditionally and to be accepted into the male adult world. That is all I ever fucking wanted from my mother and father. I was willing to make them so god damn fucking proud of me if they only had the mentality of going down with the fucking ship if necessary during our most difficult times. I loved my parents and my siblings like you would not believe. They were everything to me. I loved all of my grandparents and my extended family. I was just unfortunate to have been born in a dysfunctional family with a father who committed many infidelities and a mother who was a lazy ass designing woman. My mother was so deranged that she repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to get me into a mental institution under the Ontario Mental Health Act. Three doctors from the Wilson Medical center named Frank Shapiro (GP and owner), Jabari (GP) and Sumner (Psychoanalyst) kept trying to tell my mother that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was simply going through a normal and healthy phase of life change. My mother had this horribly faulty level of awareness that I doubt she will ever see the world without here rose coloured glasses. My parents infected my 3 siblings with their corrupt and decadent mentality. All my deceased brother George ever thought about was swindling people for money and conjuring up new and improved ways to seduce women. George bragged he committed many infidelities against his partner of 19 years by the name of Lynn Boyd. I can confirm that George cheated on Lynn twice in 1995. In the summer of 1995 George contemplated the idea unceremoniously dumping Lynn and I pleaded with George not to do it because I believed Lynn Boyd somehow grounded George from leading a life of full blow debauchery. I saw a side of George that I grew to detest. I will never forget the night I caught George snorting a line of cocaine up his nose in a night club called Zoo Bar back in 1994. All he did at this night club was try to get laid as much as possible behind Lynn’s back. In my opinion Lynn is better off without George. My brother was a true pig in every sense of the word. I was so ashamed he was my brother and I mean that. Me and George lived our lives on the opposite ends of the moral spectrum.

I cannot keep quiet any longer on how dangerous Robert Land Academy truly is. Sometime I wake up in the middle of the night from another vicious nightmare of being back at that private school in Wellandport. Sometimes I am petrified to go back to sleep afterwards. I never thought anything was worse than staying at Robert Land Academy but there is. It is called life after Robert Land Academy. If you want to get the slightest inkling of what life is like at this private school just carefully watch the movie full metal jacket. Focus solely on the scene where the drill instructor introduces himself to the new recruits up the moment the drill sergeant gets shot by Gomer Pile in the washroom. This is no exaggeration. When I saw this film it threw me into a mental time warp. This is what it is like being at Robert Land Academy. Please take my words here extremely seriously. You have only one chance to get it right when you raise your son. You as parents better fucking get you shit together really fast and put your differences aside. You two parents created a life together. Your son can have a wonderful life in the bliss of domesticity or he can be like me and a handful of other former Robert Land students who have suffered. I encourage any former student of Robert Land Academy write about their stay there and what life was like after. Feel free to take civil legal action against Bowman whether it be yourself or a class action lawsuit. Please take Bowman to the cleaners and sue his ass. Please feel free to leave a comment. I have no fear of criticism any longer at my age...or any fear of anything. I hope this video goes viral. If YouTube takes it down then I will just parade this video on my website and every other video sharing site including Google videos and yahoo videos. I will tell you right now Bowman that my continuous sustained effort recognizes no such thing as failure. I expect Bowman to go into full speed damage control after he becomes aware that I finally spoke about the long term effects his school has. I expect him to speak to his current and future students about not paying any attention to my words. I will be ready to counter all of Bowman’s bullshit arguments against me. My age and life’s experience gives me a lot of credibility and I intend to use it when I court the media about Robert Land Academy. Bowman won’t even be able to buy the distribution rights to my books. This guy will be running around in a frenzy trying save his credibility at all costs. He will most likely try to take legal action against me but he will soon realize that he is far too late. I cannot be intimidated, bullied, bribed or bought. I got something else to say about that mother fucker who owns that private school.

Bowman is just an unethical business man who exploits young boys to turn a profit. What makes this punk ass fuck so dangerous is his natural ability to capture people’s imagination so easily. His usual tactic of getting his foot in the door of your trust is through joking humour. In his so called bag of tricks he had only 2 stupid jokes. One was the turtle joke and the other was about some Colonel Goldstein sending black soldiers to meet a bunch of young women. If you went to this school then you heard these retarded jokes. Bowman discovered a market for lazy parents who have large amounts of disposable income. Robert Land Academy is just a place to dump boys that lazy parents are more than happy to pay for someone else to raise them. These type of parents are usually affluent, well to do and influential. These parents prefer to do a lot of swanking and living the life of typical elitists. They cannot be bothered to raise children. They prefer to dump their kid at this place and wash their hand and walk away just like my bullshit abusive parents did to me. Bowman offers these parents the convenient excuse that their kids are at his school because the parents are not satisfied with their son’s behavior. This way lazy and neglectful parents will not lose face or honour in the eyes of their community, family, coworkers or social circles. What Bowman failed to do was ask the parents why is your son’s behavior is unsatisfactory. What are the causes of you son under achieving. The reason Bowman does not ask this is that he really does not fucking care. He just wants the fucking money. Bowman and his assistant headmaster fuck head Mr. Killip never questioned my parents as to their true motives for sending me there. These were the questions that Bowman and Killip should have demanded my parents answer. These are the questions my parents should have faced. Why is Jason’s behavior not up to your expectations? Is Jason suffering child abuse? Are you both Chris and Elsa neglecting the basic necessities of your child’s life? Are you violent with your son? Are you both as parents not cooperating together in the spirit of harmony to the point where it is destroying your child’s moral? Do you actually truly give a fuck about the growth and development of your son Jason? Hey Chris are you pissing off you wife by committing any transgressions or acts of infidelity? Hey Elsa are you such an insensitive woman that you are taking your anger you have against your husband and taking it out on your kids? Elsa are you continuing the cycle of abuse because your father William was horribly abusive with you before you were shipped off to private boarding school run by strict nuns? What kills me is how many parents bullshit themselves that they think they have no choice than to send their boys there. Parents end up believing with their own mistaken certainties that their son is unruly when the truth is the parents are the actual cause of their son’s protests and passive resistance. Thanks to my parents bullshitting themselves about me, I ended up leading a life of quiet desperation before, during and after my stay at Robert Land academy. The bottom line is Bowman does not care about my family structure or anything about me or my deranged parents. All Bowman wanted was for my sleazy father to sign over blank checks which he did. In the end Bowman must have gotten more money out of my family than any of his other applicants. Bowman kept admitting me there because I was low maintenance and I was not a trouble maker.

In fact I was never on his so called head masters charge. I never did any type of discipline at the time was which was called a “fourteen” or “fifteen”. In the end of this atrocity my father mortgages the family house and almost lost it. My family was split asunder and my father went to his grave with nothing but despair. His attempt to buy my respect with his millions of dollars went unsuccessful. His millions of dollars were useless to me. Where that money really should have gone was to Revenue Canada. That money was no good to him in Canada. If he dared brought that money into Canada then the tax department would have questioned him and he knew that. They definitely would have made assumptions that would not be in my father’s favour. My father got stung by the taxman in the 1960’s and got all his assets frozen and fined for 5000 dollars by revenue Canada which was a fortune back then. That is why he could not use it to send me to Robert Land Academy for grade 13. All that money was unpaid tax dollars that collected high interest over time since the 1960’s. He never touched that money. That is why it grew so much. To send me to Robert Land he used up all his line of credit at CIBC which eventually ran out before I went for grade 13.

This is the type of slime ball Bowman truly is. Thanks to him I ended up facing one adversity after the next in the last 20 plus years. There are times I feel like an old man who has come to the end of his life. Sometimes I feel my age especially now when I see my hair is slowly starting to turn grey. One of the things the bothers me is something that I never saw coming when I was I was a young adult. This is something that I will describe as a pain that is burning my soul figuratively speaking. I never spoke about it before but I cannot hold it in any longer. I call this pain delayed torture because it arrives much later in life after Robert Land Academy. Every time I see a man and a woman and their child or children it makes me wish I had that. I wish I had started a beautiful family when I was in my early twenties so I would have the physical energy to play and run around with my kids. I also dreamed of being the consummate husband and family man. I use to dream about growing up normally and falling in love with some girl I would call my high school sweetheart. Unfortunately I never had a high school sweet heart. There was one woman that I knew who would grow into becoming the perfect mother and wife. I met her when she was young and she expressed desire to start a family and after 2 years she ended losing patience and confidence in me. She eventually started a family but she ended up bearing another man’s child. This is one excruciating painful memory that I am forced to take with me to my grave. I keep asking myself what if my personal market value was higher than it was?

What if I did not grow up at Robert Land Academy on a faulty level of awareness? Although I lost this woman 15 years ago I still miss her like you would not believe. This is just another one of my many painful memories that is the indirect result of me growing up in a very unnatural and unhealthy way at Robert Land Academy. You do not go through the normal stages of maturity in Bowman’s private school. I find it so hard to trust people now. When I look back in retrospect, I now realize that I have turned off and driven away a lot of really good people. I wish I could have all those moments back. I could have had so many good friends and so many excellent girlfriends if I wasn’t so moody and distrusting but that is what happens when you grow up at Robert Land Academy and you do not know better. I lacked personality when I was younger. Every day I fight to decrease my faults and increase my virtues just so I can salvage any little quality life I have left in my mundane existence. I will say this again. If I am aware of child abuse taking place someplace somewhere then I must do what is right for sake of society and draw attention to it. If I continue to stay quiet and indifferent then I am doing society a huge disservice. I have a silver bullet argument against this method of raising boys and I know this time I finally have Bowman cornered and his smoothing talking ability won’t be able to stop me from shutting his school down before my life ends. I will enjoy using this medium to help promote my books. Next week I will talk more in depth about a former Robert Land student whom I use to take care of by the name of Joseph Maurice Macdonald. This guy is just a year and a half younger than me and he has intellect of a boy half his age. He has been smoking crack cocaine for over 20 years and he has prostituted himself to homosexual men since he was 15 years old. When I found him one day back in 1995 Joseph was feeling nothing but despair when his parents left him to the mercy of the streets. I tried to offer my whole hearted aid to Joseph and he refused because he does not care anymore.

For almost 15 years I was there for Joseph hoping he would change his mind and trust me because I treated him very kindly at Robert Land Academy when I was his platoon commander. We lived in the same quarters and sat at the same assigned dining table from Sept 1989 to Dec 1989. Bowman put Joseph through vicious hell during his 1 year and one summer there in 1989 and 1990. Joseph is truly long gone. One day I saw him begging for money in 2007 in the heart of downtown Toronto with his pants hanging down and his ass and male private parts hanging out for the whole world to see. Some teenagers were laughing at this spectacle and several people pulled out their cell phone cameras and videotaped Joseph in all his glory. There must have been thousands of people walking by him. I could not bear the sight of this. He was once a smart normal boy when I first met him in January of 1989. I considered him my younger brother back in the private school. How the fuck could this have happened to my little brother. I stopped my car and offered him a ride to his home just to preserve his dignity. Nobody in the crowd stopped for him when he was begging but a crowd of on lookers looked at me with shock and disbelief when I showed Joseph compassion at that moment and walked him to my car like a brother caring for his hurt younger sibling. Although I remained calm on the outside I was crying on the inside. This is the direct result of Bowman making Joseph’s life a living hell back in the day. I know because I witnessed Joseph‘s suffering at Robert Land Academy. Joseph told me his experience at Provincial Jail was far easier than his stay at Robert land Academy. Joseph now has this unreasoning hatred towards all mankind. I pleaded with him to stop taking his anger out on strangers. I kept pleading with him to be nice and kind to everyone he encounters. Joseph questioned my reasoning. I told him that if he takes his anger of Robert Land out on innocent people then he is just as scum as the people who harmed him when he was a youth. He therefore does not deserve favourable breaks or anyone’s good will or my whole hearted aid any longer. Joseph scoffed at my suggestion of volunteering his time to the community which I have done for years. Joseph has truly become a man of the streets. To him hustling people has become a way of life. I lost my friend and my younger brother and I can trace his downturn in life back to Robert Land Academy. Joseph became a statistic. Robert Land no doubt will continue to claim more projected victims as long as Bowman has a valid school licence from the Provincial ministry of Education.

Bowman is the worst whore going around now. Listen to what I am about to demand from you Bowman you mother fucker son of a bitch. What I want right now is my picture and name erased from you school photos for the years 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. I know you display these photos in the second floor of you academic building. I also want my named removed from the four prestigious trophies I won for your school. The 2 cross country championship trophies from 1987 and 1989. The track and field championship trophy from 1988 and the basketball championship trophy from 1989. I also want my name removed from your so called bullshit honour roll under the years 1985 and 1988. I also know you display you honour roll plaque on the second floor of you academic building. I refuse to be a credit to your school any longer Bowman you scum sucking bottom feeder. I know exactly what the fuck is going on there right now as I personaly know one student there which I pleaded to his parents for months to take their child out of there before it is too late. See you next week on my YouTube channel.

Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas

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