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A mother's story (From CAICA)

Yesterday we published the testimony made by a teenage girl who was forced to attend Carolina Spring Academy. It was the mother who decided to sent her. Here is her version:

I began having difficulties with my teenage daughter. Several months after the problems began my daughter, Taylor, decided to leave school without permission – which, of course, was a bad idea. I received a telephone call from Taylor’s school informing me of what happened.

Just when I thought things could not possibly get any worse, I was informed by school officials that she had been expelled. I could not believe this was happening to us. With no schools available so late into the final semester, and with her acting out and misbehaving, I did not know what to do.

I found myself doing what many parents would do – looking for answers on the Internet.

As I did a few random searches using key words and phrases like “teen problems at home” and “help with my teen”, I received a number of pop-up ads touting phrases like “Help My Teen” and “Teen Solutions”, each one claiming to offer the same things.

They claimed to specialize in helping the troubled teen. They claimed to have specialty and therapeutic boarding schools boasting to promote education first and foremost, self-esteem, and respect for authority … you name it, they had it. And, it all sounded great … just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and the biggest thing was that you did not have to be worried about taking your teenager to them because they had a professional transport group that would pick her up for a nominal fee of $1,500.

As I look back now, I still cannot believe that not only did I send my only child away, but I let two strangers come into our home in the wee hours of the morning to take my daughter away.

After eight days of hell slowly went by, I knew something was very wrong. So I trusted my mother’s intuition, and I went to the school, Carolina Springs Academy (CSA) to get her.

On my way to the school another CSA student’s mother called me on my cell phone. After I shared all the horrible thoughts I had and information from the articles I had read, she pleaded for me to pick her daughter as well. I gladly agreed.

When I arrived, I could not believe my eyes – the building, the grounds - nothing that I could see even came close to looking like the beautiful pictures they have on their Web site. As I got out my car, it seemed I had just entered a thick fog.

Even as I stepped onto the porch, things appeared to be strange, right on down to the man raking … who by the way, would not even look my way. The office was not very clean and had a musky smell. When I told the office employee I was there to pick up my daughter, she became – well let’s say - not so nice. When I went on to tell her I was also picking up another child, she became downright rude.

When Tara Hall, the so-called Family Representative, finally arrived at the office she was also unhappy with my arrival and decision. She asked me, “Why? What had changed my mind?” When I shared with her some of the articles I had found and printed out, she got angry and said, “Well, you can’t believe everything you read, especially on the Internet.”

I said to her, “you’re absolutely right.” As luck would have it, I had articles regarding allegations of child abuse and neglect at Carolina Springs Academy which I showed her. With that she got on her walkie-talkie and ordered someone to bring the girls right away.

Of course when Taylor saw me she almost jumped out of the car before it even stopped. I can’t begin to tell you how emotional that reunion was, and still is. My heart hurt as I saw how dirty she was – her hair, her clothes, her overall appearance was dirty. She even smelled dirty. My heart hurt for her.

As I hurried the girls to my car, I felt as if everyone was watching. The three of us agreed they all seemed to have that far-away, foggy look in their eyes. The girls and I were crying so hard you would think we would not have noticed them. But we did.

The drive home was unforgettable. We all felt so very grateful – for the sun, the trees, and the wind that kissed our cheeks as we got out of the car. The two girls told me so many horrible stories … some I still can’t get out of my head, not to mention my heart. I’ve told my daughter a hundred times how sorry I am for sending her there.

I have nightmares - I can’t sleep at night – I am still having a very difficult time forgiving myself for the entire CSA experience. In fact, for as long as I live I do not believe I will ever be able to forgive myself for allowing two complete strangers to enter my daughter’s bedroom in the middle of the night, waking her from a deep sleep, forcing her to get dressed as they watched, forcing her into their car, and taking her away from her home and her family.

What was I thinking?

God help me, because I don’t know. I have nightmares about those two strangers picking up my daughter and never bringing her back. All the while, I’m running and searching for Taylor, and I can smell that horrible smell. And then it gets so bad that I can’t breathe or even move. That’s when I realize I’m no longer asleep.

Scared and confused, I get up to go watch my daughter sleep. I lay there beside her and I take deep breaths just so I can smell her. Then she notices I’m there, and says, “Mama it’s OK, I’m home, I’m safe, and in some way or other it was meant for us to cross paths with that so-called school. God sent us there so we could help others.”

Her words are comforting and at some point we both drift back to sleep. It has been almost a month since we’ve been home. At times it seems she never left. But then night comes, and once again I remember that horrible smell and the two strangers who took my daughter in the middle of the night. This is when I find myself praying to God to give me another chance. This is when I pray that no one will have to go through what I do every time sleep comes.

Please take a moment to read Taylor's story.

(Which was published yesterday and to be found on this blog).

The facility closed down in 2009. Later there was an investigation into animal cruelty when dead animals was found on the abandoned campus.


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A daughter's testimony about South Cariolina Academy (From: CAICA)

This statement was given to the human rights organization COALITION AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE. All rights belongs to the author:

Seven Days I Will Never Forget

I would like to share my story about the seven days I spent at Carolina Springs Academy (CSA), a World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS) program.

I was a normal teen who had some issues at home, but I never dreamed the issues were big enough that my mom would have me taken to a place far from home. I understand she was frustrated and the people she talked to made her think they had all the answers for our family.

I woke up in the middle of the night and two strangers were in my bedroom. They made me get dressed in front of them and even made me go to the bathroom in front of them. They said the usually handcuff kids but that if I cooperated they would not use them on me. I was so scared I decided to cooperate with them so they held onto my wrists instead of using handcuffs. I asked to see and talk to my parents but they would not let me. Finally, once we were in the car they allowed my parents to come outside and I was able to say a quick goodbye from the car window.

One of the girls from Imagine group at CSA said when the escort service was taking her through the airport they put their hand in her pants and held onto her panties so they could pull hard and hurt her if she tried to run. They tried that on another girl at CSA, but she would not let them put their hands in her pants. So instead, they attached a dog leash to her belt loop and dragged her through the airport on a leash. She was embarrassed, hid her face in her hands, and put on her sunglasses.

Mr. Billy is the person who transports children. He transports girls alone which doesn’t seem right to me. When my mom came to pick me and another girl up from CSA, she saw Mr. Billy get into a van alone with a girl.

One of the girls at CSA was transported to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica while I was there. The contract my mom signed says they can send kids there without even getting the parents’ permission. They say they will try to reach the parents but if they can’t get a hold of them then the kids can be transported there and they can get a passport for the kids. And if that happens, the parents are responsible to pay for everything.

My first few days:

I spent the first three days at CSA with my host buddy. During that time I was only allowed to talk with her, and only if an upper-level girl was around. For those first three days all she did was teach me about 200 rules. One thing she told me that I thought seemed strange was that I would get fat there and that I would feel great when I left the program. The people who had been there for a while seemed strange to me. Most of what they said did not make any sense.

When girls had been in the program for about six months, they made fun of new girls. They acted like we were crazy for not wanting to be there. Upper-level girls worked in shifts and were responsible to take care of the lower-level girls. Staff did not take care of the girls. Instead of talking with us, usually upper-level girls used hand signals. For example, if they were trying to tell us we could brush our hair they would tap the top of their heads. It seemed really strange to me. I had to have permission to do everything including using the bathroom, and then someone was always with me. I could never talk to anyone or go anywhere within the facility without permission. The girls had to wear skirts but they would not let us cross our legs. Some of the rules were very petty and seemed ridiculous.

We had to be silent most of the time. We talked less than an hour a day on most days and when we did an upper-level girl was always there to listen to your conversation. You could never talk to another lower-level girl without staff or an upper-level there to listen. I felt we were treated very unfairly. For example, if one girl talked the rest of us had to be in bed at 7:30 p.m.

None of us were allowed to shave our legs or armpits until we reached upper-level status. Everyone was dirty because they did not have enough time to take care of personal hygiene or to use the bathroom to have a bowel movement. My mom was shocked to see how dirty I was when she came to pick me up. During the week I was there I was not able to have a bowel movement. The girl that came home with us said she did not remember having a bowel movement the entire month she was there. I never had privacy or enough time.

Boys were mostly skinny while girls were mostly fat. The girls were given large plates of greasy, poor-quality food and were forced to eat at least ½ of what was on their plates. I threw up my first day there. The food is greasy and horrible. The kitchen is filthy.

I was not allowed to go anywhere alone. When girls looked at the field as if they were thinking of running they were told that an old man lives out there and that he shoots anything that’s yellow. We all wear bright yellow sweat suits to make us less of a runaway threat.

In the week I was there we were allowed to go outside only twice for less than an hour each time for PE. There was no real PE and no PE teacher. There were only upper-level girls telling us what to do.

Everything we did at CSA was repetitive. During my stay I was not allowed to go outside every day, I was never allowed off the property, I was not allowed to have fun, and I did not have a regular teacher helping with my school work. There was nothing to do but school work for a few hours and listening to inspirational tapes for hours on end.

I met with my buddy who was on level 2. She explained it “takes forever” to move up a level. I was allowed to talk to my buddy, who was on level 2, for 30 minutes a day. We had to have an upper-level girl there who listened to our conversations, someone who had already attended at least one seminar and who had reached upper-level status. If we were caught talking alone we lost hard-earned points.

Parents must attend brainwashing seminars so their kids can advance in the program. The parents of an 18-year old girl were convinced by the program that their daughter was not ready to graduate and that she should go to another facility, Pillars of Hope, in Costa Rica to finish her program. Her parents wrote her a letter telling her she was going to have to stay to graduate from the program. She cried, no senior prom, no pictures, she was sad she would spend her 18th birthday there. She was pressured to stay after she was 18 by upper-level girls and staff who told her she could not make it in the world, that she would make the same mistakes again, and that she could not make the right decisions. Staff and her parents finally convinced her to go to Pillars of Hope to finish out her program. They promised to give her some spending money and that she could go on the beach so she agreed.

Medical issues:

I saw girls who were very sick while I was there. Five girls were throwing up blood and one looked like she broke her hand. There were about 92 girls in the building that is fairly small so when they were vomiting it was all in the same area. They had nothing like Lysol to clean things up. The staff did not help the girls when they were sick or hurt. Because they did not have any cleaning products or Lysol they sprayed air freshener instead. Staff kept the temperature of the dorms very cold to try to kill the germs.

A.J. had horrible sinus problems and was very sick. She vomited every day after she ate and got in trouble for not eating all of her food. Staff and upper-level girls would not allow her to even lay her head down or let her rest.

I remember when the girls were throwing up Miss K.K. said she wanted to leave to buy some Vitamin C because, like she said, she wanted to get the devil out of her. She said she did not want to take the germs home.

The only time I saw staff helping kids was when they gave out medications. They lost my medication and did not give it to me for two days. Then, when staff finally found it, they tried to make me take more than I should have. When I tried to let them know they were giving me too much they got angry and took away some of my points. I remember one day when they could not find the keys to the medication cabinet. Girls were sick and wanted their medications but could not have them until the next day. Over-the-counter medications were kept in a cabinet with a lock on it. Prescription medications are kept in the office away from the kids in another building.

One girl complained all day that she could not breathe. She was very sick and hit the floor when she passed out. They would not do anything to help her. It was students who took her to bed and changed her clothes. Staff and upper-level girls said she would be accountable and get lost points if she talked. She was supposed to leave the program in 20 days.

Another girl got mad and punched a wall. She had gotten frustrated and was sent to OP. During lunch a staff member told her to move her fingers because they knew she was in a lot of pain. She tried, but her middle and ring fingers cracked and she screamed and cried. They wrapped it and put ice on it and would not take her to the doctor though she begged them to. They kept putting ice on it for 2-3 days. She hit her hand accidentally on the trash, she screamed, vomited in the trash can because it hurt so much, then she hit the floor and rolled around holding her hand. Miss Nancy said they’d get some ice.

The facility:

The bathrooms were filthy. The showers had mold growing on the tiles, the floors were filthy with used menstrual pads left lying around. The bathroom smelled terrible.

The PE area and other areas smelled terrible. We went to “buddy” meetings. We took our blankets because it was so cold, but it was disgusting when I saw other girls’ pubic hair on my blanket. The pubic hair is all over the floor.

The cafeteria was disgusting too. We were not allowed to keep our binders on the table. I did not want to put mine on the floor because it was so filthy.

My mattress had big wires poking through and I could feel them when I tried to sleep. We were not allowed to move once we were in our beds and could not even turn our heads without getting in trouble.

We had to sit Indian style on the hard floor of our dorm to listen to education videos four hours each day, and then on and off throughout the day. We were not allowed to lean against our beds so we had no support for our backs.

During school hours we were forced to sit on a chair and not move or talk. The chairs were close together and it was very uncomfortable.

Sunday was supposed to be “clean day”. We were not allowed to go outside and have fun, not even on Sunday. We cleaned for most of the day and were allowed to watch videos if everyone did what they were supposed to do.

There was no toilet paper in the bathroom for two days. One time I had to use my bath towel. There are no doors inside the building and when you go through a doorway you have to count. There are cameras in the dorms watching as you sleep. They leave a light on at night. They say they have to do that to avoid girls from trying to run away.


If you don’t do your homework in a regular school the teacher reprimands you, but at CSA the student will reprimand you – you’re supposed to keep your eyes on your books 100% of the time – if you twirl you hair or scratch yourself a student will call you out. Staff only cares about upper-level girls. They don’t even have to do school work, basically what they do is pick on lower-level kids.

School – it’s not school, you teach yourself. I was told many of the girls have fallen behind in their school work since they got there. One girlwas having problems in Geometry and asked to see a teacher. It took 5 days to see one so she was stuck on the same problem all that time. During school you are sitting in the lunchroom with other kids but no one is teaching you. You read a book, do the workbook and turn in your assignments. Then you turn in your notes and take a test. You can take two tests between Monday and Thursday, and one on Friday. You cannot take a test on Saturday. If you do not get at least a B grade you have to do that lesson all over again.

Communication with the outside world:

We were not allowed to contact anyone outside the facility. The only communication was with our parents, and those were monitored. I wrote my mama letters when I could on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Things seemed alright on my first day. I wrote two positive letters to my mama, she got them both.

After I was there a day I knew something was wrong and wrote my mama letters to try to warn her and to tell her the Discovery seminar brainwashes parents into thinking their child must graduate the program, meaning the child will usually be there at least 2 years, instead of 6 months to a year like they tell the parents. She never got those letters. I could not understand why I did not receive any letters from my mama while I was there. A girlsaid staff discourages parents from writing to their children. My mama wrote to me every single day and sent them overnight but I never got her letters.

I did receive a package from my mama. When I saw it, it had already been opened and was at Ms. Lynn’s desk. There was a note to Ms. Tara in the box but no letter to me. My mama said she put an envelope with my name on it saying “I’m coming to get you, there’s something wrong with this program.” I did not get the letter, it was not in the package.

I was told that if parents get close to Ms. Tara she would convince them their child must stay in the program and graduate. I was confused and cried when I saw other girls opening letters from their parents and I did not receive any. Miss Lynn gave me a “break in silence,” and made me write an essay. Everything we did there was repetitive.


Ms. Anne is a strange woman, she makes strange comments, is scattered-brained, and does not seem to care about the girls.

Miss Teresa is very mean. When my mom came to pick me and T.R. up from CSA Miss Teresa led us to believe we were being transported to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica when we were really being taken to be picked up by my mama.

Miss Tara, the family representative only spent about 30 minutes a day with the girls, if that. The rest of the time they were supervised by upper-level girls.

The upper-level girls are the ones who take care of the lower-level girls and who hand out corrections. Kids take care of themselves for the most part. The only time I saw staff caring for the girls was to hand out their prescription medications.

Miss Kathy was mean and rude and was in charge of watching us while we slept. She stayed up very late socializing with other staff and upper level girls, keeping us awake. She forced us to sleep with the light on. Most girls did not get much sleep most nights I was there.


One girl told staff and upper-level girls she had to use the bathroom, but they would not let her. Because she was on level 2 and was considered a run risk, she was not allowed to go alone (only upper-level girls can go to the bathroom alone). She had to hold it. Finally, she could no longer hold it and stood up. She said she had to pee and that she was going to go if no one was going to take her. A male escort came in and told her if she did not follow the rules they would take her to OP. He tried touching her and she got angry. She said she was just trying to do her work and go to the bathroom. She told him she did not want to go to OP. He tried to pick her up and she got upset, putting her fist up in the air. I was told she was taken to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica.

If you look at a boy you get what is called a Cat 4, which means you lose a lot of your points.

OP is Observation Placement. Kids are taken there as punishment. I was told if you go there you have to sit in a chair and write sentences, lie on the floor, or stand with your face against the wall. They make you sit in an uncomfortable position. OP is in a small metal shed. It gets very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I was told they don’t use the heat or air conditioner. I saw that doors inside and outside are dented where it looks like they were beaten.

I was told if you tell anything that happened at seminars you lose all of your points.

I feel very fortunate that my Mama followed her intuition and started doing research about this program. When she read stories of others who had bad experiences, and when she realized this program was about discipline and that they used brainwashing techniques, she came to pick me up. I will always be grateful to my Mama for doing this and for not believing everything someone else told her.

The facility closed down in 2009. Later there was an investigation into animal cruelty when dead animals was found on the abandoned campus.

The mother also has her story about this stay. Her version will follow tomorrow


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Grandparents feedback on Carolina Springs Academy

This testimony was found on It has been written by grandparents to a troubled teenager. All rights go to the original authors.

If you child is in this place you need to rescue them immediately. Let me tell you my story. Two weeks ago our precious grandaughter was acting out and we found this place on the internet that showed horses, rolling hills, and happy kids with smiling faces. What a crock.

After we put her in this place (Carolina Springs Academy) we starting researching and found out a lot of bad things. We went to the place (in the daytime) for a tour. There was no one in the front building so we opened the door and went into the library area which on their website shows a whole lot different library than we seen. The floor was actually falling in and we about froze while we were in there (no heat). The lady that met us starting reciting this speech and talked about our granddaughter. Near the end of the speech we realized that she was not talking about her, she did not even know who she was. The girls had just came from lunch so I asked her what they ate. She told me, fried chicken, rice and gravy, green beans and a choice of two desserts. Later I found out that they ate red beans and boiled noodles with no seasoning and they only drink water. We also found out that the three antiquated dinsaur computers in the library are the only ones on the premises. We did pick our granddaughter up after two weeks.

We found out that the kids are not allowed in the library, that the women would get them a book from the library. My granddaughter had to look at the ground with her head turned to the right and if she looked up she lost points. She was not allowed to speak. They got her out of bed at 4am to go and wash up the dishes from the night before which was close to 100 bowls. They do not eat out of plates, only bowls. They loose points if they cry. We brought her some pictures of the family (4) that day and because she cried, they took them away from her. A lot of her discipline came from the older kids. One of them hit her and she could not respond or she would get in trouble. One of them stole some stuff of hers. They are allowed three towels and can only wash them (and her clothes) once per month plus they are damp so they put them in a plastic bag until the next day.

When we picked her up, her three towels were wet and smelly. She said that four girls in the building have staf infections and one girl had a big sore on her mouth that was herpes. In this dorm (like a double wide trailer) was 68 girls with 3 showers and 3 sinks. She said they have three minutes to take a shower and that is all. She said that they never got to leave this building except to go eat. They exercised in this building, watch films in this building (which is supposedly their school work) and everything else in this building. All the windows are boarded up so they cannot look outside. We had to pay around $500 for uniforms. When we picked her up we saw that she got used uniforms that did not even fit. The dress shirt that she got had four names in the collar and each one marked out for the next girl. When we picked her up she was dirty and in only two weeks they had broken her spirit. She said that the equestrian program (horses) was a big joke among the kids. They just wanted money for that program but since you can't talk to your child, you don't know what they are doing.

They read their incoming and outgoing mail and decide if they want it sent/received or not. It's up to them. When she came out of the back door of the dining hall, she looked down at the ground all the way to us because they are not allowed to look up. When she finally saw us she started crying and hugging us. On the way home she told us some horror stories. She also started talking about how if you "secret" something and believe it in your heart and write it down everyday that eventually the universe with align with your heart and it will come true. We still don't know what all that is about but if they had her talking like this in two weeks I wonder what they would have done to her mind on a year or two. She said that a lot of the girls had been their years. She said that she saw her family rep only once per week and that she had to stand in front of her, look to the right and to the ground. The rep would ask her if she is ready for her feedback and she would say yes. The rep would then tell her what she thought about her and tell her what she thought she should do (remember all along looking at the ground and to the right). They strip them of their dignity and self worth. Nothing a child can do is bad enough to deserve this. Everything this school told us is a lie.

One particular sheet in her application that gave them permission to move the child across state lines was not signed. They said that we did not have to sign it. Just send the paperwork without it. They said that that sheet was only for the children that were wards of the state. When our granddaughter was admitted, they wanted that paper signed. We refused. Then in a few days, the same paper was sent to the home to be signed and a return envelope was inside. Again, the paper was not signed. One of the women told her that if she did not straighten up that she would be sent to another program in Jamacia and one of the girls had already been there and showed off a big scar on her leg from that place. All the pictures on the web site are a joke.

I will continue this blog at a later time but I really want you to know that your child is in danger in this place. I am not with an organization or anything like that just a concerned grandparent. Get your child out, now. I know that all boarding schools are not like this---but this one is.

Carolina Springs Academy functioned like many other boarding schools. The school closed around 2009. They tried to open it under a new name but it has not been successful.


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Analysing former contract from Eagle Ranch Academy

Years ago a student of the law analyzed part of the contract from Eagle Ranch Academy. We will publish parts of the rapport as soon we are finishing analyzing it.

The first two parts are from the contract. The last part is the remarks of the student.

"What happened the first few hours after my child arrived at Eagle Ranch Academy?

Upon arrival, your child was immediately transferred from their escort to the Program or Assistant Program Director who took your child to our family room and spent a few minutes talking to them. Two staff members escorted your child to a private room and spent time getting to know your child and outlined our program.

During this process the two staff members that were with your child were of the same gender as your child. All personal clothing, etc., are stored and given to you during your first campus visit. Your child was then issued formal Eagle Ranch Academy uniforms and all other personal items needed during their stay at ERA. A current student was then assigned as a mentor or “buddy” that will be with your child for the next few days."

Remarks from the student
First, if this is a "voluntary only" program, why do children need to be transported by "escorts" (paid kidnappers who arrive in the middle of the night/very early morning to shock, restrain, and spirit away a child to an arguably illegal lockdown facility)? In the introduction letter of the enrollment packet above, ERA states it is a voluntary program and that children in the program must be there voluntarily. This is obviously a deceptive statement as coercion is used to get the child to "volunteer" to remain in the program. If you deprive a person of any hope of going home and promise nothing but torture and pain for non-compliance, you can probably get them to "volunteer" for anything. This is not the true volunteerism that comes from the will or desire of the individual volunteering, but, coerced conformity.

The manipulation of language in this sense is dubious and suggests that ERA is an abusive program. It is very nice to say that the two staff "spent time getting to know your child", but, the reality is they performed a strip search including possibly restraining your child to the ground, ripping off their clothes, and having untrained and unqualified staff perform a full body cavity search on your child. If your child has any history of being physically or sexually abused, this will re-traumatize them and no extra care will be used to safeguard a sexual assault victim from a violent takedown and strip search if the staff "deem it necessary" (and they will/do). The fact that it was a strip search is reinforced by the fact that the director finds it necessary to state that the two staff members are the same gender as the child being searched.

The Q & A claims that all personal items will be returned, but, the contract above states that ERA keeps no inventory and accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. So, their promotional materials (i.e. Q & A form) contradict the contract and point to deceptive marketing practices. The assignment of a "buddy" is typically the assignment of an "upper level" student who will be given control over your child and will use manipulation, lies, abuse, and sabotage to "help" your child be broken so he/she too can become a slave to the program and begin the process of "earning" the right to be treated like a human being. The fact that the "buddy" is assigned for a few days is also misleading. The "buddy" will remain until your child shows signs of submitting to the program.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feedbacks about Eagle Ranch Academy near St. George in Utah - Volume I

We have searched the Internet about Eagle Ranch Academy in Utah. We have gathered feedbacks from both former students and parents of former students. All rights go to the original authors:

"Decieved mother of 1" stated:

This place is a torture chamber for youth! My daughter is currently incarerated there & I can't get her out! They brainwash these children, physically & emotionally abuse them, force them to go through emotional "growth" seminars that are humilating & degrading. Their website is a complete LIE. Google Dr. Moody who is currently employed by ERA. He use to work for the CIA ,they are using the same methods the CIA & government uses that have been considered inhumane and against the Geneva Conventions! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS LOCK DOWN PRISON!! Staff members have molested children there, they do not get a proper education, they are forced to carry large stacks of books around for days, they are forced to carry around large back packs full of sand & rocks at all times for punishment, children have been physically beaten& molested. DO NOT SIGN YOUR RIGHTS AWAY!They ARE NOT regulated by the state of Utah as they claim to be. If your child is currently in ERA, GET THEM OUT NOW!!!!


This place is torture. i was there about a year ago and i still can't seem to move past it. It has emotionally scared me. The treatment tactics are inhumane and abusive. I haven't been able to get past the sense of worthlessness that i felt when i was there. I felt as though nothing i did or said mattered and i deserved everything that came to me. I was a bad kid so i deserved to carry around this backpack filled with sand. I was a bad kid so i deserved to be put on ghost for months at a time. ( ghost is when absolutely no one can talk to you or associate with you in any way.. its like you don't exist) I would never recommend sending your child to one of these places. find different alternatives. No parent should ever sign the costody of their child away to some institution they saw online. (by the way the website lies about everything)

decline to state stated: find another way

i was a student at eagle ranch academy for 5 months. i am now an adult trying to make something of myself. looking back on the experience, i cant believe these people are still in business. the staff uses threats or force to get things done if anyone defies them. the psychiatrist that shows up once a month or so doesnt think twice about putting still-developing young adults on serious medications that arent used for fully grown adults today. the food is an unhealthy mess, i myself gained 50 pounds in my 5 months, its been 2 years since i arrived there and im still struggling to lose the weight. any student who resists the program is 'staffed,' a process involving psychological torture on a daily basis, in order to 'break' the unruly students spirit. im writing this for a number of reasons. 1. so that parents dont blow away their life savings on this sham of a program 2. so that teens and young adults dont have to go through a drug induced brainwashing 3. i still cant sleep sometimes

Jude stated: Don't do it!

I was forced into ERA 3 years ago and it still effects me to this day. I honestly don't know how this place hasn't been shut down yet. I thought for sure someone would of spoken up by now. I will never forget some of the traumatic events that occured while i was at ERA and it is safe to say the program DOES NOT work. Parents--please don't waist you're money. These people are psychos, they took from me 8 months of my life i can never take back... I would not wish this place on my worst enemies, never mind my own children. Please, if you are a parent thinking on sending your child here, I have a first hand perspective.. it doesn't work. save your money.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Various testimonies about Midwest Academy in Keokuk, Iowa

These testimonies was found by a simple search on the Internet. The rights of each testimony goes to the authors

Mr. Giffin at Midwest Academy

I spent 6 months at Midwest Academy and I can honestly say it was the worst experience of my life.

The staff controls the kids through fear, abuse, and neglect. The staff are not qualified in any way to be "teaching" the children. They are simply locals who have no other options for employment. Their so called "teachings" are simply this; no food if you break a rule, a 9x9 white concrete cell with cameras that the child must spend 48 hrs in whenever the deem necessary, so called group therapy where the unqualified "dorm parent" gets to yell and verbally abuse the child until the break. There are many more wonderful attributes this place possesses.

They also like to threaten the kids with Tranquility Bay which is in Jamaica and is one of their sister organizations. I suggest if you have not heard about this place look it up. Midwest is not a good place. Don't be fooled by the website or the tour around their "campus" because when potential new parents cone through on the tour they warn the kids to smile and look happy or they will be severely punished.

If you do not believe any of my testimony I assure you that your child will be physically and emotionally scarred if and when they make it out of there. There are better ways to deal with so called "troubled youth". MIDWEST ACADEMY is not the answer I promise you

Mr. Savard at Casa by the Sea and Midwest Academy

I was there for 21 months and am very dissatisfied with my was the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me.

I spent 3 months at Casa by the Sea, a boarding school that was run by the same people, WWASP. That was in MEXICO and it got shut down because they were running things illegaly and I wouldnt doubt that this place has its faults like Casa did. In fact I can easily say it destroyed my teenage life and left me wondering how to be normal for quite some time.

I have just recently started to piece together my life almost 6 years later. Im now 22 and have hate that the time I spent there having not helped me at all, for long periods of time I was ignored and emotionally abused, and by the brainwashing seminars that they hold at WWASP facilites are unreal...

I am begging any parents that have thoughts of sending their children to these types of places to please re-evaulate what it is that their child/teen needs and to handle it in a much healthier way for them and their family. Nothing good will come of sending your youth to this program...I promise.

Carpe Omnia at Midwest Academy

I spent 15 months at Midwest Academy. It was overall a terrible experience. I usually tell people I spent 15 months in juvenile detention because that's really what it is. I know MWA can be used as an alternative to jail time. It was a really crazy place and they did care a lot about money.

I missed out on a lot of my life but it made me who I am today. I definitely became a stronger person after going through that experience. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though. Overall it was just a very abusive and controlling place.

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