Sunday, November 4, 2018

B.B. at Turn-about Ranch

This testimony was found on Google maps. All rights goes to the original author

This place is horrible.

My parents sent me here in 2010. The staff is absolutely horrible. They are so mean and basically torture us. That is how the students learn is by torture. The only good hearted person there is one of the counselors who was sort of tall and blonde. I think her name was Michelle, she was my counselor there and so nice. Other than that and i swear the staff is mean and scary the whole time. Like Myron and the orange haired counselor. they were mean i was scared every time they walked through the door. They made us girls, as well as me which i am like 5 feet 100 lbs, life bails of hay all day long in the hot sun, i could barely even lift the thing and they expected me to pack it onto a tall truck. I wanted to cry and some girls gave up and were crying. The only cool thing is living on a ranch with animals and trying the farm life for a few months.

Just thinking of this place makes me feel so weird and mad inside. They made me walk for about 3 days straight because of some of my and other girls actions which werent even bad at all. we had blisters on our feet. you cant even say the word sorry here! this place is horrible. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE SEND THEM SOME WHERE ELSE.!!!!!

A murder was committed by one of the children in 2016 after he snapped as result of being put in a stress position in a stone circle, which would have been breaking international law it was inflicted upon prisoners of war during a conflict. For strange reasons this is not forbidden in the state of Utah. It was his parents who made the decision to send their boy into a situation which resulted in a murder. For any parent who might considering sending their child away, they should learn from this tragedy and just let things go.


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