Sunday, May 29, 2022

Duey A about Sedona Sky Academy

This testimony was found on Yelp. It was made by Duey A from Los Angeles in California.

This place is full of petty hags who lie, manipulate, and will cut kids off from their family and from their pathetic "therapy." Everything promised me by the salesperson who talked this place up (which I foolishly believed) was an utter lie.

Virtually every young girl who gets placed here is eventually pulled. No one ever really "graduates" this corrupt institution. It doesn't take long to figure out that all these a**holes truly care about is the ridiculous amounts of money they make off their "pupils" (or rather, their pupils wealthy parents). You have been warned: DO NOT SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE if you actually want her to get help!!! I wish I had been warned.

The fact that they call it a "Therapeutic" boarding school is laughable. In reality, it has the opposite affect on those who attend this messed up place. Not to mention, the other school owned by them was shut down for sexual abuse...Not surprising at all. The staff is unprofessional, rude, and will try to keep your kid there as long as they can.

I hope likeminded parents will join their voices against these kinds of poorly-trained, corrupt, abusive, money-hungry "schools" that only serve to further damage young women who truly need interventions. Wilderness programs are great, but this is NOT a healthy transition after attending one; it's not a transition at all, only a breeding ground for sick adults using outdated, draconian methods on adolescence who need affection, care, and real professionals who care.

I hate this place. If you don't believe me then send your child here-U will too.

The original testimony on Yelp

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