Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Movie: Just The Right Amount Of Violence

The movie directed by Danish Jon Bang Carlsen provides us with a rare insight in the modern lives of idyllic, peaceful middle-class existence families.

We are shown how real-life transport firms works. The drama which in the future will result in trauma and broken child-parent relationships.

Just the Right Amount of Violence (Internet Movie Database)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Eureka Montana Chrysalis School.. Experience.

This testimony was found in another blog. All rights goes to the original author.

"People in the community not to mention CPS need to know what's going on at this place. please keep my name anonymous...If you go to a "NATSAP" website they make Chrysalis and these other unlicensed programs in MT out to be amazing...dream school's you'd want to send your "at risk" teen to to get them out of your hair..I was sent there for ditching class and normal marijuana experimentation..

I remember how humiliated I was when I first got there: There was a leak in the closet where the towels were kept and I was blamed for putting away wet towels repeatedly. I was only 14 and some of the "veteran girls" (or girls who Kenny Pannel had "special relationships" with were terrorizing me to the point of tears every night and day about this stupid issue...

Kenny told me that if I didn't stop "lying" and being lazy... putting these wet towels in the closet he was going to shove one in my mouth and after that make sure I was sent to a lock down type facility where I would "have to ask permission to breathe". I was very frightened. they finally figured out there was a leak but I never got an apology from anyone, the short-term lock down probably would have been better than the two and a half years of utter hell I went thru there. They (Kenny and Mary) are typical scam artists...

Many "therapists" there ARE unlicensed even though every girls parents still have to pay the 50+ grand it takes to stay there a year!...Kenny hires male staff members as positive male role models for the girls, however I can recall one of my best friends right before she got to leave Chrysalis recount how she had sex in a shed with another male staff who mysteriously quit shortly after.

Kenny too, had very physical relationships with some of his "favorite" girls...I would consider my father and I to have a close relationship but in no way do we embrace constantly or sit on each others laps. this was too way too weird and it was uncomfortable...HE IS A PERVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

They send the girls to Lincoln Co. High school and expect them not to talk to or associate with any of the "unapproved" kids who drink on the weekends like normal kids..which is pretty much the entire school!!! so most of the girls are outcasts.Many Many staff members flock in and out...they realize that they work like slaves and don't get any recognition or pay...

I saw about 15 staff come in and out in the 2 and a half years I was there. I have so much more! it's been about 5 years since I graduated the program and I still have a strong strong resentment against Chrysalis and other places who support institutionalized child a mother myself now, I'm horrified that there are places like and WORSE than Chrysalis in MT and other states who do not regulate private alternative therapeutic programs.

I am a member of an association called CAFETY which calls these programs on their bullshit and brings to light these issues...If someone ever told my daughter they'd put a towel in her mouth and send her to a private juvenile prison facility no matter what she did wrong or touched her inappropriately I would let them have it...there needs to be advocates for these poor girls...they are not treated like Americans, much less human beings.

I know they feel totally powerless and CANT have voices or else they will get reprimanded and threatened badly...girls are supervised the first year on the phone with their parents! I mean COME ON! It is hysterical how even in this bad economy, the place is STILL open and M and K still are buying new vehicles,toys, properties all over the world (Chile, Mexico, Hawaii, just to name a few) etc., prospering over these naive, vulnerable parents and children and getting tax breaks for community service projects the girls do.

When will the conservative MT government step in and say enough is enough for these they bring in more money for the state? HELL what's the issue? Money. these places have so much money they can hire lobbyists and even bring in their own students to Helena to protest against regulation (which Mary and Kenny have done)...its a cycle! Any other questions you have for me I will be happy to answer. I'm glad I came across your blog. "


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Anonymous at Heartland Christian Academy (From:Topix)

This testimony was found on Topix in December 2012. All rights goes to the originally author who wants to remain anonymous:

This is an absolutely horrible place. I spent a year there with my entire family back in 2000. It was the worst experience of my life. The staff do not care about you a all. My parents originally sent my sister there because she was being rebellious and they didn't know how to handle her. They should have received counseling or something, anything but send her/us there. We ended up staying with her and they split our entire family us, saying we all needed help. It was heart breaking. My brothers were all split up and sent to live with a family, who physically abused them, but they were too afraid to talk about it. And my sisters and I were slit up as well. My parents were aso separated into different recovery programs, which my parents didn't need to recovery from anything. My parents or any of us children, including my sister had done alcohol or drugs ever. My parents needed guidance on how to deal with my sister, not on how to recovery.

I hate this place, with all my heart, and I am a Christ follower.This place does not exude Christ's love, instead it follows the philosphy of continual punishment. The school was not a good experience either. They separate the guys and girls in the classroom and you're not allowed to talk to each other or have any interactions with each other either in school or out of school. It's basically a prison.

We ended up leaving when another family who had once been there helped us to realize the evil therein. I think my parents were brainwashed into thinking they had all these problems which is why they stayed. I didn't find out what happenned to my brothers until years later. My little sister who was about 5 at the time, would pee in the bed sometimes, which I believe is a symptom of the familial split, and the director of our girl's home would give her cold showers in the morning, with her clothes on as punishment. That happenned a lot.

I cry as I think about the abusive way these people treated individuals there. I can't believe any parent would resort to this. Another reviewer is right, there were a lot of kids I knew who had been adopted from Russia and then just left there, as if it wasn't their responsibility to raise their own children. This place harms families and does not promote recovery. I could go on an on about this place, but it still hurts me to talk about it.

Please do not send your children here. Instead, find a marriage and family therapist and invest in your relationships instead of throwing them and their problems away as if you can't handle it. Thankfully everyone in my family turned out alright after this experience. All of us kids are successful adults with great careers.

I am currently a licensed counselor and I know that what happenned there is wrong. The Bible clearly says that parents are to train their children up in the way they should go so that when they are older, they will not depart from it. Therefore, parenting is the parent's responsibility and with God's help you can succeed. No child/teen is beyond help, and definitely does not deserve to go here.

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