Monday, November 3, 2014

Jason Ladas at Robert Land Academy - part 3

This testimony has been given by Jason Ladas. All rights goes to the original author.

Monday, April 11, 2011

There has been something that has bothered me for many years. My scum bag deceased father used to do back flips when he saw such consistently high marks on my academic report cards from Robert Land Academy. When I went to pick up my high school diploma and grade 13 certificate I knew my father Chris wanted to see them. I went to the office at Hamilton Ontario’s Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School. Before this fat bitch secretary gave them to me she had the audacity to hold my documents hostage and demand an answer from me as to why I did not go to the graduation ceremony. My response was, “since you don’t want to hand them over you might as well keep them because I don’t really want them. It was my father that sent me here. I am going to walk off this property and call 911 and complain you are committing an act of theft which contravenes the criminal code of Canada”. The bitch replied, “you don’t have to be like that”. I said, “you have 5 seconds to comply and I am being generous with you or I will lay a criminal charge against you which I can now do at the age of 18”. The bitch let go of them. Once they were in my hands I said,” don’t fuck with me bitch. I do not go to this school anymore. If you have a problem with my attitude then complain to the principal and ask him to suspend me and give me a detention. Beside it is none of your flying fucking business whether I show up or not at any graduation. By the way woman…the kitchen is that way and go fuck yourself”. I slammed the office door and I got so much pleasure out of doing it. Who does this fucking bitch think she is? I would never do what she did to me. If I was in her shoes I would not have asked any questions. I would have swiftly handed over the documents. I would give this woman my full respect if she did it this civilized way. I cannot handle people like this after being so badly abused and mistreated at Robert Land. I was not born this way. Bowman’s private school can make you really jaded. This bitch made me go ape shit with her elitist attitude. What the fuck does she think she is some kind of committee that I must answer and courtesy to? I don’t care if she is related to some royal house. I will fucking put anyone in their place if they try to hold hostage anything that belongs in my possession. That includes you too Bowman and I am not being fucking mellow dramatic with my words. Everything I say comes right from my heart and I don’t fucking care if you think my heart is blacker than sin…you son of a bitch. No doubt your relative Robert Land from your mother’s side of your family would look down on you if he existed in this time period.

I knew deep in my heart that these 2 documents were bogus and illegitimate. I remember breaking the news to my sleazy father that I never truly earned these documents. I told him all those times you jumped for joy when you saw my report cards from Robert Land Academy were for nothing. At RLA I never earned these marks. Bowman gave them to me just so he could take all our family’s fucking money. This is how Bowman did it. He ordered the teachers to grade us out of 100 percent which makes it easier for him to cause a distortion in our marks. Bowman preferred to grade us this way because you cannot easily distort someone’s marks if you use the classic use of A, B, C, D, E and F grading system. Bowman then ordered the teachers to give us 10 percent for having a neat note book which everyone did because if not then we would face harsh punishment. Bowman also ordered the teachers to give us 10 percent for participating in class which everyone did because if not then we would again face harsh punishment. This gives us an inflated 20 percent extra. If we had a 30 percent grade in any class then all of a sudden we have a 50 percent grade level for that course which made us pass and that pass is recorded on our high school transcript. Passing a student this way is unethical. All the subjects I passed at Robert Land Academy were ill merited. I truly did not deserve these marks. Bowman pulled a fast one on the parents who paid so much money for a miracle. What bowman actually did was use a sleight of hands trick and this is how he convinced the parents that his school can make any boy end up in the upper bracket of achievement. If you don’t believe me then I will quote my grade 9, 10 and 12 teacher about this trick. His name is Elliot Applebaum. In the fall of 1987 during my grade 9 math class he said this to me and the rest of the students. He said that he believes that students should be graded on merit and merit only. He said he is not happy that Bowman ordered him to give 10 percent for participation and 10 percent for a neat note book. He said I am forced to give you marks for stupidity. This is exactly what Elliot Applebaum said to me and my classmates. This must have really caused Elliot a huge conflict on his conscious. Elliot is a purest when it comes to teaching his students properly. I had a feeling that Bowman had dissention in the ranks of his staff members. I knew Elliot Applebaum would not last long. Either Bowman would find some cheap excuse to fire him or he would make Elliot’s life so miserable that Elliot would resign. If remember correctly... Elliot only lasted 3 years.

I told my father that I really should earn these 2 documents. They really should be decertified. All the courses at Robert Land Academy should be annulled from my school record and transcript. I told him we should take a consult a lawyer on how to go about doing this. From grade 6 to 13 all the Robert Land courses I passed should be erased for the microfiche at the Board of Education for the city of Hamilton. I also told my father that I intend to do this one day with or without his consent and I will go public about it. That day has come. This is what I will do Bowman. I do not want your fucking bullshit courses on my school record any longer. I will have that high school diploma and grade 13 certificate decertified due to what I call mitigating circumstances. I don’t care if this a huge fucking embarrassment to you Bowman. I have no intention of going to an adult learning center to truly earn these 2 documents. I feel way too old for that. I would have preferred to have earned them in a normal public school just like any normal healthy kid. My father did not see eye to eye with me but that was fine because he preferred to look at me through rose coloured glasses. Chris Ladas never saw me the way I truly was. Chris preferred to see me the way he wanted to see me. Chris lived in his own imaginary world and he died that way without me by his side. He died on his death bed and he knew he was going. Chris so badly wanted me there to give him my forgiveness. I made sure he never got my forgiveness for sending me to Robert Land Academy. Chris Ladas in all his glory died like pig and I made sure I wasn’t there so he could feel nothing but despair. My only regret is I wished he lived longer so I could keep reminding him how his indifference towards my adolescence has caused me unimaginable hardship in my life. I kept telling him after Robert Land that I trusted and believed in him and he let me down. I told him when I was 12 years old and you dumped me at RLA I thought how can you do this to your little child and abandon me and subject me to this cruel institution in Welland port. I told him “I thought were the best team in the world. I thought were inseparable. I thought we were family. I thought we were father and son. I thought you were my best friend. You mother fucker how could you do this to me? I am your fucking son for fucks sake. I refuse to accept your life lessons. I no longer will accept your services as a father. I will say this right now, as far as you serving me any longer…you’re fired!” When I told Chris he was fired…I screamed it with all my soul. When I told my scum bag deceased brother George this, he ask me this idiotic question. How can you fire you father? I told him I said it to demoralize Chris for sending me to Robert Land Academy. I so badly wanted Chris to end up at his lowest emotional ebb just so he will have intuitive insight at what he subjected me to at that private school.

Angry Master Corporal Jason Christos Ladas


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