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Eric at SCL and Tranquility Bay (from tbfight.com)

This story was originally written on a webpage called tbfight.com, which sadly is not online anymore properly because the boarding school closed sometime in 2009. All rights and credits goes to the author Eric, who posted the original story on tbfights.com.

I'll start off by introducing my self. My name is Eric. I attended both Spring Creek Lodge and Tranquility Bay. My sister also attended Cross Creek Manor and thats how my journey actually starts for me. She was sent there for probably the most cliche reasons you all know of. Doing drugs, running away from home, not going to school, being sexually active etc. So when she was kidnapped in 1996 I had no idea that she was going to be and when i did find out i thought it was really cruel to decieve a person by having them kidnapped but, I knew that she needed help and it lessened the blow for me I guess. I had no idea what the program was about but at the same time I was 16 and i had my own problems so I never cared to find out.

So by about her 7th month in the program she was at the point where we were able to go visit her in Utah so we went. It was February of 1997. Behind my back my sister and my Uncle were having talks of sending me into the program. I had no idea. But, by the time the visit was on its last day I was sitting in the car outside of Brightway in Utah waiting for my Uncle to return and then we would leave, or so I thought. So out comes 2 men telling to get out of the car and go inside with them. At first I laughed and told them they would have to kill me if that was going to happen but, that just made them anngry and one said to me, "Hey kid, you can just walk in with us and not start anything or we can tie you up and make you look stupid in front of all the other kids that are in there." So I just walked in with them while being restrained by my arms by both men. I was there until March 4th and then was shipped off to Spring Creek.

Spring Creek wasn't great compared to life as i knew it at the time but it did beat the hell out of Tranquility bay as I'm concerned. So now I guess I will start with the differences between the two places as I saw it.

I saw and spoke with the director at Spring Creek on almost a daily basis. I can count on one hand the amount of times I saw or have even spoken to Jay Kay at Tranquility Bay. Anyone who spent time at both these places knows the difference between the living condtions. If I spoke of Spring Creek when I first arrived, and I did, I was always punished by the case manager cause someone would tell her that I said this or that and it would make them want to tell their parents in hope of getting transitioned to Spring Creek.

I'm always confused on how to explain my time at TB though. I think it is because i never spent time in OP and hardly ever got into trouble with anyone but, there were deffinetly things that i saw that were just plain and simply WRONG. I'd have to say that not all the staff there at the time I was there were all terrible. There were the ones that were and the ones that were not. I just kept to the ones that i knew were not. I look at the website now and I see the program run a little different than when I was there, or maybe thats just what they want me to think. I have too many opnions to just sit here and type them all right now or to even go on about my whole experince there but if anyone reads this and would like to know about what this place did to me I would be glad to tell. Any questions or comments just let me know. I will come by here from time to time to check up and see whats going on. Thanx for reading what I have had to say for now.


Datasheet about the boarding school in Jamaica from the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora
Datasheet about the boarding school in Montana from the Fornits Home for Wayward Web Fora
The original story (Cached version of tbfight.com - may take a while to load)

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