Sunday, November 23, 2014

chocolate_cosmos at Sunset Bay Academy / Oceanside

This testimony was found on Reddit. All rights goes to the original author known as chocolate_cosmos

Well it's not my mistake, but when I was fifteen my mother blew 17k on a "therapeutic" boarding school in Mexico for troubled teens. She told me we were going on vacation, and left me there for six months.

On my second day (of 174 - I counted. There wasn't much else to do) I refused to change into my uniform, so the fitness teacher (whose other job was, funny enough, cage fighting) put me in a headlock until I stopped resisting. Over the next six months my personality slowly atrophied. We girls had a strict schedule, weren't allowed to speak to each other very much, were never allowed to leave the facility, and were punished for the smallest things: sharing food, glancing at the boys, who lived in a separate part of the facility, or refusing to do a single thing we were ordered to do. To top it all off, every day we had fitness class - an hour and a half of being screamed at to "never give up" in Spanish while we did upwards of sixty push-ups, dozens of laps around the courtyard, and enough sprawls to make your head spin. This was followed by "therapy", which was really just a glorified whining session - but we were allowed to let our hair down (literally. We had to wear our hair in a ponytail or bun because it was "provocative" when it was let down) and that felt nice.

The day I got out (and only because my father had won custody and a judge ordered me out of Mexico) I screamed at my mother and, subsequently, had a panic attack when I was left alone outside for the first time in six months. I spent the next year re-learning how to navigate social situations and trying to find a way out of some debilitating depression.

I like to believe my mother knows it was a horrible, expensive mistake, but she'll never admit it. (And would anyone really want to admit they blew 17k on a facility that completely screwed their daughter over?)

Fun fact: the place is called Sunset Bay Academy (formerly Oceanside, but they were sued and had to change their name) and I never saw a single sunset. The walls were too high.

The facility opened operating as a part of WWASP system. They later turned independent. Recently they have rented a Hotel closer to the beach.


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  1. Hi thanks for sharing your testimony, that bullshit fraud dumbass evil school needs to be exposed, the daughter Christina Guillermo is a fucking hideous idiot who is profiting off her gay dads scams. I was a student there too, maybe we knew each other. I was punished for no reason, lied to, my parents had their money stolen, they had my parents send my medication months supplies but I never got them but the weird fucking lazy eye doctor habib Kuri pulled me into his office, lied to me saying my parents lied and never sent my meds, I could see my prescription with my name and pulls under his desk, and said they never got my meds. 3 years after I got out, one of the upper level girls who is still close with the rotten cow staff told me the staff had been taking my medication recreationally for themselves and selling them. I still have a lot of ptsd and anger and just like you, my mom won't admit what a waste of my college fund that was and won't admit how wrong it was. I hate my life and I hate that there are idiots who ate up the bullshit and lie for that horrible fraud school. I'm really just angry so I went online because no one cares but me since it's what I went through, and finding your words helped me a bit. Thanks for sharing your story, don't ever let anyone tell you to be silent. That dumbshit doctor even threatened me before I was picked up to make sure I wouldn't say anything about the truth and at that point they had so much abuse to me I was scared for a while after that and tried to forget, but years later and it all still comes back and I fucking hate them and I hope they burn to the fucking ground. Stay strong and thanks for speaking up.


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